Rookie Season 5 Introducing New Character Confirms Nathan Fillion

Nathan Fillion reveals a new character, a rookie Fillion’s John Nolan will train, who is set to appear in season 5 of the show The Rookie. The Rookie panel at the San Diego Comic-Con 2022, Nathan Fillion revealed that season 5 will feature a new character. The series was created by Alexi Hawley for ABC and stars the ever-charming and likeable Fillion, of Firefly fame, as John Nolan, an over-40-year-old rookie police officer, the oldest at the Los Angeles Police Department. The premise is inspired by real-life LAPD officer William Norcross who moved to Los Angeles in 2015 and became a police officer in his mid-forties.

The series first premiered in 2018 followed by four successful seasons airing in the next few years. In March of 2022, The Rookie was renewed for a season 5, which is expected to premiere in September of 2022. The new season promises to keep up the dangerous and unpredictable nature of The Rookie, Nolan’s, police job with new twists and turns ready for both the character and fans to experience. During The Rookie panel at the SDCC, Fillion spoke about the new season of the show where his character becomes a training officer who is charged with training a new rookie. The casting of that rookie has not been revealed quite yet, but Fillion did let it slip that it is a woman. In response to a moderator’s question about the new character, he begins with, “She…” The crowd reacts to that one word, making the actor backtrack a bit and say, “Sorry, spoiler.”

Nathan Fillion Play Wonder Man In The MCU Following Marvel’s announcement of a Wonder Man TV show on Disney+, Nathan Fillion is a fan-favorite choice to play Simon Williams in the MCU (again). Simon Williams is coming to the MCU, but will Nathan Fillion star in the Wonder Man show because of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2? The MCU is using Disney+ to give characters who otherwise might not star in a movie a chance to shine. After using the streaming service to elevate the Scarlet Witch and Falcon and introduce Moon Knight and Ms. Marvel, plans for a Wonder Man show signal that Marvel Comics’ Simon Williams will get the same treatment next.

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There is currently no actor attached to play Wonder Man, a powerful Avenger in the comics with connections to the Scarlet Witch and Vision. However, the show’s announcement has raised the possibility that Nathan Fillion could play him. The former Firefly star has long been a fan favorite casting for Simon Williams, so much so that it has already happened in the MCU, kind of. As a close friend of director James Gunn, Fillion participated in a Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 cameo as Simon Williams. He even went on to voice Wonder Man in Hulu’s MODOK show. Nathan Fillion’s Wonder Man cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was ultimately cut from the movie, as he was meant to be seen on a series of posters for a Simon Williams Film Festival, which references the character’s history of being an actor in the comics. Even though Fillion’s cameo was not included, Gunn casting him as Wonder Man was done with the hope that he’d go on to play the superhero for real. This would seemingly give him an inside track to starring in Wonder Man. However, it is unlikely that Fillion will play Wonder Man in the MCU show. Marvel Studios will be better off casting someone else.

Fillion’s Nolan is training is a woman. However, it is more than fans previously knew, and it sets up an interesting dynamic for the coming season. An older, wizened male officer and a young, bright-eyed woman working together could set up lots of conflict and misunderstandings that will drive the show moving forward. It will open up many new possibilities and directions that were previously unavailable.

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