Romantic Couples Present in Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies

The Marvel Cinematic Universe or abbreviated as MCU is a collection of superhero films and series made by Marvel Studios. MCU films and series have always been successful in the market. Raising the premise of superheroes, the MCU always presents an interesting storyline.

But, superheroes are also ordinary people who have hearts, feelings and feel in love. It is also not eliminated by Marvel in the films and series it made.

Even though it is a superhero themed, it is not uncommon for us to witness the romance or chemistry that occurs between the characters. Here are 7 romantic couples who are present in the MCU.

1. Wanda Maximoff and Vision

Before meeting Vision, Wanda had often lost the people she loved, from her parents to her siblings. When Vision came, Wanda’s life became more colorful and improved.

The first time they met in the Avengers film Age of Ultron, their relationship continued to stick together until the peak occurred in the Avengers: Endgame and WandaVision series. The two made a sincere bond. However, their relationship had to end tragically when Vision was snatched from Wanda many times, even by force by his own hands.

Their romantic relationship really happened in the WandaVision series, which is a side plot of the MCU films.

2. Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter

The story of Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter is a romantic story with the sweetest ending in the MCU. Reunited when Steve was still a soldier for World War II, their relationship had to be severed when Steve was forced to crash the plane he was controlling into an iceberg.

Steve disappeared and never returned to Peggy’s arms. Peggy is finally living her life. After time-traveling in Avengers: Endgame, Steve is finally reunited with Peggy.

He finally kept his promise after a long time, namely to dance with Peggy. This scene is arguably the sweetest scene throughout the MCU.

3. Peter Parker and Michelle Jones

When the MCU finally took on Spider-Man, they took the character in a refreshing new direction. Mary Jane’s character is replaced by Michelle Jones (Zendaya), who becomes MJ in this universe for Peter Parker (Tom Holland).

Unlike other love stories in the MCU, we as viewers can see this innocent couple grow up together. Two high school students grow and develop together, from awkward beginnings to true love for each other. Too bad Ned and MJ don’t remember who Peter was after the events of Spider-Man: No Way Home.

It is interesting to see how the romance between Peter Parker and Michelle Jones continues.

4. Tony Stark and Pepper Potts

This love story begins with Iron Man and reaches its climax in Avengers: Endgame. In those 10 years, the audience is presented with a romantic story that occurs between Tony Stark and Pepper Potts which is full of dynamics.

They seem to be one of the few couples to get a happy ending after Thanos did the blip in Avengers: Infinity War. Since then, the two of them have stayed away from the Avengers, living in the jungle and raising their daughter, Morgan. Tony risked everything to save the lives of thousands of humanity, his wife and children. We all know Tony Stark’s sacrifice at the end of Avengers: Endgame.

5. Clint Barton and Laura Barton

Clint Barton managed to keep his family farm from evil until the Avengers movie Age of Ultron, when he brought his fellow Avengers there for cover. There, the Avengers meet Laura (Linda Cardellini) and their children, who are living a life full of love and simplicity.

This all disappeared from Clint when Thanos snapped his fingers in Avengers: Infinity War. This frustrated Clint and made him the sadistic killer, Ronin. Luckily, Clint got his family back after Avengers: Endgame, and in the Hawkeye series, we get to see the family relationship Clint and Laura created.

6. Scott Lang and Hope van Dyne

Ant-Man stole the hearts of many viewers when Scott Lang presented a simple yet entertaining adventure story. In his first film, Scott meets Hope van Dyne. Hope helps Scott Lang get him in shape for a heist.

In the film Ant-Man and the Wasp, they become an impressive duo and establish a romance. Hope sadly fell victim to Thanos’ action, but Scott had a hand in bringing her back, and their chemistry even got a small moment at the end of Avengers: Endgame. The upcoming third film, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumia, could prove to be a testament to their relationship.

7. Thor and Jane Foster

The story begins when Thor falls to Earth and is found by Jane Foster. Jane manages to transform Thor into a better person and help him regain his eligibility to use Mjölnir. In the first film, their relationship progressed fairly well, but in Thor: The Dark World, Jane plays more of a love-drunk woman than a genius scientist.

Prior to Thor: Ragnarok, Natalie Portman refused to join the project. That means the story of Thor and Jane is over. But Thor and Jane accept the opportunity for redemption of their relationship in Thor: Love and Thunder.

Thor’s feelings for Jane allowed Mjolnir to protect Jane from terminal cancer, and made Jane Mighty Thor. However, his newfound power came at a heavy price by accelerating his illness. But through experience, the two are able to rekindle their bond and come to terms with their feelings for each other before bidding farewell.

The names above are romantic couples who were present throughout the MCU journey. There are actually quite a few couples in this film franchise, from Peter Quill and Gamora, Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter to Stephen Strange and Christine Palmer. In your opinion, which is the most romantic couple?

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