Review of The Three Tigers in the movie: JACKPOT is no win for the viewer

In a feature film with members of the Ostrava acting ensemble Tři Tygři, a pair of simpletons embark on a long journey to Prague with a winning lottery, while they are followed by mafia jumpers, an imbecile police officer and a lowly Prague actor.

Members of the Ostrava comedy theater ensemble entitled, Review movies, “Three Tigers”, ie actors and comedians Albert Čuba, Štěpán Kozub, Vladimír Polák and Robin Ferro, became known for their improvisational skills and performances, during which they interact with the audience, from which they receive ideas for comedy scenes. . However, they are also famous for their YouTube channel, where they have been recording various short sketches since 2015, as well as the internet series SKORO NA mizina, in which they played basically themselves and gave the audience a behind-the-scenes look at the Peace Theater in Ostrava during the coronavirus epidemic. . Now they have fulfilled their dream of making a feature film and visiting cinemas with it.

The main protagonists of their crazy comedy are action film and martial arts lover Milan (Albert Čuba) and squinting dementia with speech defect David (Štěpán Kozub), who will win eight million crowns with a scratch card. But to win, they have to go to faraway Prague, which they only have 29 hours to do, because then the lottery ticket expires. However, the local mobster also longs for their victory, who, after receiving the advice “send a fool for such stupids” sends an imbecile city policeman Robert (Robin Ferro) instead of his minions. And he invites the inferior Prague theater actor Herbert (Vladimír Polák) to whom he tells that it is a reality show.

So the plot of the film is that basically all of his characters are stupid idiots and they behave the same way. Milan and David accidentally get lost in Poland on the way from Ostrava to Prague, so police officer Robert arrives (on a police scooter) in Prague far in front of them, but before he waits for them there in front of the betting office, he and his friend go to look for Poland, because why not. The plot of the film is therefore primitive, which is not necessarily to the detriment. The story can easily only serve as a simple skeleton, on which a band of comedy scenes is subsequently hung. The problem only arises at the moment when it is discovered that these scenes are among the significantly weaker ones in the creation of the Three Tigers.

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The Three Tigers comedian often stands on caricatures, inventive puns, exaggerating Ostrava or Prague accents, black humor, expressive facial expressions and indulging in specific roles. The level of their sketches (mostly improvised, often with only a slightly hinted script) is variable, as their jokes and creations do not always fall on fertile ground. The method “we will pour as much on the audience as possible and it will catch something and not something” then combined with striking acting stylization leads to some sketches successfully tickling the diaphragm from start to finish, while others seem silly and embarrassing from the first minute. The theme of the given scene does not matter so much, because the verbal and physical expression is important, during which the actors often suffice with a minimum of props. The occasional dropping of actors from roles as a result of an immediate reaction to a sudden stimulus, the futile retention of laughter or the need to comment on something also has a significant share in the final comedic effect.

However, all this only applies to the scenes that the Three Tigers have on their YouTube channel, and therefore also to their theatrical performances. However, in the film Three Tigers in the film: JACKPOT, which was created according to the creators exactly according to the script (written by Albert Čuba and Vladimír Polák) and the space for improvisation in it was minimal, only a dull spasm remained. Any feeling of comedic creativity, freshness and immediacy has disappeared forever under the influence of film clichés and templates. The relatively weak and dialogically lazy scenario has become a straitjacket for actors whose biggest asset is masterful comedy improvisation. Albert Čuba and Štěpán Kozub in particular continue to stick to their strongly stylized characters known from earlier sketches, but this stylization comes to naught when they cannot rely on sufficiently funny dialogues in the script. It is not enough in itself for Štěpán Kozub to dissect himself and make annoying noises (although a number of scenes rely on it). It is necessary that he also says something funny during the creation.

In this case, however, physical comedians, situational gags, jokes with disguises and sometimes even a deliberately exaggerated Ostrava accent clearly win over attempts at verbal humor (but even so, there is no glory). In addition, humor is generated in the film by grotesque elements (accelerated scenes, comic sound effects), animated nipples and action (or combat) scenes with contact fights, in which their participants hit their heads in obstacles and make various screams (sometimes due to a deliberate parody). and Bruce Lee). But it all sounds most funny, if at all.

The whole film, with its embossing, is reminiscent of a fan production created by a group of determined enthusiasts (which is also reflected in the exceptionally plank acting performances of the protagonists of a number of supporting roles). Fortunately, the film resists the amateurish appearance due to the fact that its director was a relatively skilled filmmaker Emil Křižka, who managed to look after the technical side of things and in which many scenes have quite juice and the event does not look too awkward. This is despite the fact that so far he has had experience mainly with gloomy thrillers (Štěpán Kozub also performed in his Last Year’s Break).

Most of all, the film Three Tigers in the film: JACKPOT evokes the crazy comedy Stupid and Stupider from 1994, either by a peculiar expression of its deliberately exaggerated idiotic heroes or by a strong motif of traveling in a car across several states. Compared to the American competitor, however, he is fundamentally losing points for the problematic realization of gags. When a nun in a swimsuit jumps into a pond, which the others comment on with the words “she probably forgot she can’t swim”, and then one of the heroes suddenly falls in love with her after he catches her and wakes them from mouth to mouth, so it’s definitely absurd, but it’s not very funny. On the other hand, if you love the Three Tigers and laugh out loud at each of their videos, then the film probably won’t disappoint you (or at least not much). If the sight of squinting Štěpán Kozub is enough for you to laugh out loud, the film will definitely not disappoint you.

In the film Three Tigers in the film: JACKPOT, it is definitely seen that its main protagonists have a noticeable comedic acting talent. However, in an effort to be more cinematic overall, to get rid of the format of short episodes and have a fixed screenplay, the Three Tigers also deviated from the essence of what makes them popular and what they do best – to improvise a comic scene on any topic without preparation and be naturally funny.

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