Review: Romantic comedy Heart on the palm kills with banality and predictability

Heart on the Palm is a romantic comedy by the creators of successful Women in the Run, who tried to repeat a proven template based on the intertwining of several multigenerational romantic plots.

Srdce na dlani celý film online (Heart on the Palm) is a new Czech romantic comedy by director and screenwriter Martin Horský and producer Tomáš Hoffman, who have in the same genre, among others, Crack Woman on Her Neck and the megahit Women in Running. So these are creators who probably know well what Czech audiences who are hungry for relaxing film entertainment want to see in cinemas, and have discovered a guaranteed recipe for success in Women on the Run. Their basic pattern, based on the intertwining of several multi-generational romantic plots, all of which revolve around members of the same family, has now been repeated in the film Heart on the Palm, in their words, “for all who believe in love.” There is nothing wrong with the production intention to recycle a proven template and create another commercial blockbuster, as long as the result is a quality and fun product. Which, of course, is not the case.

This time, the widowed pensioner Josef (Boleslav Polívka), who meets the saleswoman at the coffee stall (Eliška Balzerová), and his disabled son (Vladimír Polívka), who looks at the kindergarten teacher (Kristina Svarinská), find love in the film. a divorcing daughter (Jana Pidrmanová), about whom her former neighborhood suitor (Matouš Ruml) and a little grandson (Jenda Čadil) are starting to apply again, who falls in love with a new classmate in kindergarten. And love will blossom even between four-legged people, because one of the heroes takes care of a found dog at the beginning of the film, after which he later finds out that his beloved coincidentally has a female of the same breed at home. Which is far from the only luck that happens in the film.

However, these romantic plots are gnawed down to the bone and in a scenario, probably created by the least possible resistance, they look extremely predictable and banal (and in terms of emotions quite dietary). All potential pairs are introduced shortly after the start, so that they can intercede throughout the film and then pair up exactly as expected. At the same time, they do not experience any significant vicissitudes, but only pettiness such as “a woman of dreams already has another friend, but it probably won’t last them long” or “a woman first resists romantic gestures for a long time, but then eventually lets go.”

All the more dramatic-looking twists, such as sudden heart attacks or indicated traffic accidents, always turn out to be fake tricks that are meant to make the audience uncertain for a while, but otherwise do not significantly disrupt their feeling of watching the film, which should be pleasant, relaxed and cheerful as well as happy endings, to which all story lines of the film are steadfastly heading. As a result, only heroic characters consisting of two infidels and one evil doggiver complicate the heroic relationships.

In the film Heart on the Palm, nothing seems outright corrupt, inappropriate or embarrassing, but at the same time there is nothing in it that can captivate and attract. Due to its excessive simplicity (and perhaps repetitive instructional music), the film sounds like a lazy and cheap attempt at a surprise, which tries to disguise its emptiness with its stellar cast, soothing caressing fur and calculated calculating elements (dominated by sad dogs eyes). His dialogues are overflowing with naivety and hilarious gags appear only sporadically (most of which are the fault of a ruthless grandson who enriches dull adult romances with immediate remarks and an innocent childish view of the matter).

Hard-working actors and animal protagonists deserve praise for their sympathetic performances, and most of the craft aspects of the film, which its creators probably managed to look after well, can also be described as absolutely solid. However, it is not possible to say that they would be able to enter the same river for the second time after the Women in the Run.

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