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Me against You: «The most beautiful thing? Enter the hearts of children ”

Me contro Te – lost in time, the third feature by the record-breaking couple Luì and Sofì, will be released in cinemas on 1 January. Here’s what they told us in this interview.

Luì and Sofì, aka Me contro Te, have also taken a liking to us in the cinema. From January 1st, the youtuber couple that drives kids crazy returns to theaters with the new adventure Me against You – Lost in time. After the success of the previous titles (Me against You – The revenge of Mr. S and Me against You – The mystery of the enchanted school which respectively grossed almost 10 million euros and just over 5 million) the two protagonists find themselves lost in the ancient Egypt, where they will be persecuted by a new villain (Viperiana), and in an unspecified future together with Mr. S and Perfidia. Will they be able to return to their time? To help them there will be their friend Pongo.

In this film there are quotes from iconic films such as Back to the Future.

Luì: «Yes, when we write films we think about the stories that marked our childhood and how much fun we had. We try to transmit that same fun to the new generations by renewing the language. Surely Back to the Future played a fundamental role in the creation of this film “.

Sofì: “There is also Scooby-Doo and much more: our films are cartoons in live action”.

You have entered more ballets and songs than in previous films.
Luì: “In the first film there was only one song, in the second three, while here we added four choreographic moments. We think that music can help to raise the pace of the narrative, but above all it is more important than the story. We like to think that the children once at home hum our songs ».

The message of this adventure is to look beyond appearances and diversity.

Sofì: “It also happens to us that we are judged only on appearance: people think that we are childish like in the videos on YouTube. We are very normal and serious people. An exercise that we should all do more often is to look beyond the surface to change ».

How did you grow artistically?

Sofì: «We try to improve ourselves film after film, this third adventure is different and richer than the others. Our fans will notice it ».

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Lui luì: «The challenge is to always put ourselves on the line. We started by chance and the fact of having been overwhelmed by the success allows us not to set ourselves limits and to try to improve ourselves more and more while always having fun ».

How long do you think you are playing with your childish self?

Luì: “For now we do not set any age limits, the day will come when we will naturally make other contents”.

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He sofì: «There are guys who followed us a few years ago and who write to us:“ You were my childhood ”. Reading these messages makes you shiver. ”

Luì: «It is as if we entered the hearts of children forever. It is the most beautiful thing. Some 14-year-olds tell us: “It’s nice to see you again”. They follow us with nostalgia as happens to us when we see Cristina D’Avena or Giovanni Muciaccia “.

Have you ever thought about landing on TV?

Sofì: «We have received many proposals, but we choose what seems more suitable for us. It is not certain that we will not do anything on television, we are waiting for the right proposal ».
Luì: «We do what we like, we have no obligations with anyone».

Are you already thinking about the fourth film?

Luì: «We haven’t written anything yet, we’ll think about it. Our dream is to keep telling stories for the cinema and to surprise our fans. We want them to have a unique experience in the cinema that is different from the videos on YouTube “.

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And do you think about marriage instead?

Sofì: «It is complicated with the Covid rules, we will think about it in the coming years. For sure we will celebrate it in Sicily and we are studying how to get the fans to participate ».

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