Recalled Film Review: This Movie Starring Seo Yea-ji and Kim Kang-woo

Recalled movie is one of those films that offers more than the audience expected or imagined. I have mixed feelings after watching this film, starring Seo Yea-ji and Kim Kang-woo.

Based on the film’s information page, Recalled is a mystery and thriller genre film. But actually Recalled is really more than that.

Broadly speaking, Recalled tells the story of Kim Soo-jin (Seo Yea-ji) who loses his memory due to an incident. When he wakes up, he meets Lee Ji-hoon (Kim Kang-woo) who is always by his side until he leaves the hospital.

Everything seemed fine until he realized the world he knew now was different from before he lost his memory.

Such premise, memory loss and ambiguity between fact and the known, have actually been adapted into many films. Call it the Korean film Diva or the Hollywood film, Secret Obsession.

So it’s not difficult for the audience to have a bad feeling about a certain character from the beginning of the film and believe in that assessment. Coupled with the comments and behavior of the people around the main character.

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Not only that, the legal problems that occurred and allegedly involved Lee Ji-hoon also added to the puzzle in this film. However, again and again, Recalled offers something more than that.

Tension starts to build when Soo-jin seems to be able to see the future and the fate of the people around her. It made him move on his own to prevent his vision from becoming real.

One thing that deserves appreciation is the portrayal of characters by Kim Kang-woo and Seo Yea-ji. Kim Kang-woo’s slick acting made the audience immediately prejudiced against his character. Everything he does looks mysterious and suspicious.

Seo Yea-ji is like that. He skillfully shows the situation of people who are confused and disappointed with the world and even himself.

Another thing that is interesting is the way the writer of this film gives instructions very lightly. Like the casual talk of the supporting cast, even banners that you can miss or don’t pay much attention to when you see them for the first time.

Then, there were some scenes that made the forehead frown because they looked like they were cut and pasted.

However, they are basically like pieces of a puzzle being slowly pieced together. All are interconnected with the whole story both at the beginning and at the end of the film.

All the scenes shown by Recalled look so natural like everyday life. There are no ‘wow’ visual effects or scoring in this film. So, viewers can easily connect with Recalled.

Recalled is writer Seo Yoo-min’s debut film as a director. Previously, he was known through a number of films such as April Snow and The Last Princess.

One note from me is the way Seo Yoo-min stirred the audience’s feelings at the end of The Last Princess story, it was repeated by him in Recalled.

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As interesting as it is, Recalled has a few minor notes. One scene that becomes one of the important aspects of all the problems of this film does not seem very reasonable or forced. It’s a shame because it appears towards the end of the film.

However, Recalled in the end became a film that can be enjoyed even without a big screen or a ‘wow’ scoring.

If the reader has not seen this film, I suggest not to find out anything about Recalled. It’s better to watch this film without knowing anything, without expectations. So that you can get the maximum sensation after watching Recalled.

Based on data from the Korean Film Council, Recalled, which premiered in Korea on April 21, 2021, has sold 333,019 tickets.

Meanwhile, the film can be watched by Indonesian audiences through streaming services iQiyi and Viu.

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