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Somehow, Jurassic World 4 will need to completely reinvent the Jurassic Park franchise. How it’ll make that work is unclear, but it’ll be a necessary step for the Jurassic Park universe after its next movie. It’s possible that what the movie could offer will be set up by the ending of Jurassic World: Dominion.

The status quo in the Jurassic Park movies is always changing. Jurassic World took things in a new direction with genetically engineered dinosaurs, which was one of the movie’s most entertaining concepts. Then, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom set in motion another massive change, which was the release of dinosaurs into the wild. Humans facing the reality that they now share the Earth with hundreds of once-extinct species of dinosaurs will be the focus of the upcoming third installment in the Jurassic World series. This time around, the presence of these creatures will be a problem for the whole planet, rather than just a select group of people.

The constant shifts in the franchise and the plot of Dominion raise questions about where the franchise can go from here. As things stand, it’s hard to say what the state of the world will be in Jurassic World 4 (if it happens). But regardless of how Dominion ends, it will be important that Jurassic World 4 finds a way to once again shake things up and provide the series with a much-needed reinvention. The issue at hand, though, is that accomplishing this goal will be a considerable challenge. For this reason, it’s worth wondering what Jurassic World 4 can do to begin anew, or if such a scenario is even feasible at this point.

Will Jurassic World 4 Happen? Everything We Know

Of course, it may be that Jurassic World 4 won’t even happen. After all, Dominion has long been called the end of the trilogy. And according to director Colin Trevorrow, Dominion will serve as a conclusion not only to the Jurassic World series, but also the three Jurassic Park movies. Trevorrow’s comments indicate that in a way, Dominion is the final chapter in a six-movie story. But, Dominion being the end of the franchise as a whole hasn’t been officially confirmed as the studio’s plan. Dominion producer Frank Marshall suggested in a January 2022 interview that they’re waiting to see what the future holds.  Marshall said they are “definitely looking to do more in the ‘Jurassic’ world”. Marshall’s remark is a sign that if Jurassic World: Dominion is a major box office success, Jurassic World 4 could very well happen.

Jurassic World 4 Has To Offer Something Completely New

What would Jurassic World 4’s story be about? The core idea of the Jurassic movies has already been explored multiple times, so focusing on the opening of a new Jurassic Park would unfortunately fall flat. Not only that, but the Jurassic World movies have already expanded so far beyond that concept that it would feel like a step backward. Theoretically, it could continue building off Fallen Kingdom’s setup, especially dinosaurs re-entering the global ecosystem will naturally affect more than just Dominion’s cast of characters. However, Dominion doing so much with this idea makes this unlikely. After Dominion, audiences will have already seen plenty of what the world is like with dinosaurs running loose. These themes won’t be new anymore, as they’re about to be the highlight of a two-hour film.

Furthermore, Jurassic World shouldn’t revisit Fallen Kingdom’s setup if Dominion really is a proper ending to the story. If Dominion fulfills the franchise’s biggest promise by wrapping everything up, Jurassic World 4 can only work by kicking off a brand-new dinosaur adventure, complete with problems unique to the movie. As Trevorrow said, Dominion ends the franchise’s six-movie story, which means that Jurassic World 4 needs to find a way to separate itself from the rest. It can’t do that with a new Jurassic Park, trapping another group on the island, or exploring dinosaurs in the wild again.

Can Jurassic World 4 Reinvent The Franchise?

If Jurassic World 4 avoids the franchise’s old ideas, what’s left for the movie to do? When taking into consideration the fact that after Dominion, there will be six Jurassic movies told over a 30-year period. With as much as it’s already done, the number of possibilities for sequels is severely limited. That’s not surprising, given that Jurassic Park wasn’t envisioned as a multi-movie saga in the same vein as Star Wars. It was its success and popularity that inspired filmmakers to find ways to expand the story and keep it going for so long. For that to happen again after Dominion, it will take yet another innovative concept capable of exciting moviegoers.

Among the ideas Jurassic World 4 could work with include exploring one of the possible repercussions of dinosaurs coexisting with humanity. Some fans have expressed interest in seeing what happens when governments and militaries transform dinosaurs into weapons of war. A new Jurassic World movie could dive into how this would play out. But just how unique and interesting this could be in comparison to what’s come before remains to be seen. However, It may not be enough for a true reinvention, which could take something more drastic, like propelling the franchise into the distant future. Utilizing a futuristic setting and technology that’s far above what’s been shown in the Jurassic World movies and combining that with dinosaurs would certainly qualify as a new take – if it’s not a step too far. The same could be said for a story that hinges on what happens if the return of dinosaurs in Dominion causes the complete fall of human civilization. This could result in Jurassic World 4 taking a post-apocalyptic approach.

All things considered, there are ways that the franchise can indeed reinvent itself with Jurassic World 4; the problem is that what may need to be done could be perceived as radical, unwelcomed changes that may alienate longtime fans. Jurassic World 4’s success will depend both on pleasing the fanbase and providing new audiences with a reason to jump on board. The obstacles that’ll come with delivering something totally new are sure to make Jurassic World 4 an incredibly difficult challenge to pull off – but not necessarily an impossible one. But if the franchise is unable to do that, then perhaps the best course for it to take is to let Jurassic World: Dominion act as a definitive ending.

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