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We see headlines every day now of phishing schemes and ransomware attacks. Organizations and agencies that were once considered “off-limits,” like critical infrastructure or healthcare organizations, are now being targeted by bad actors, adding risk to human life.

And with hybrid work here to stay, the attack surface has expanded as personal devices become an essential part of the corporate network. Many security teams I speak with have been shifting their strategy to increase business resilience and, smartly, many have adopted a Zero Trust approach. I am so inspired by the fearlessness I see in these teams. They work tirelessly and confidently behind the scenes to protect their people and their organization from harm. With these superheroes in mind, I have exciting news to share today about how Microsoft Security provides the most comprehensive approach to security, enabling organizations of every size to be fearless as they grow, create, and innovate.

Protection for everyone

Cyber attackers do not discriminate; small businesses are just as susceptible as large enterprises. But based on our research, almost 60 percent of small and medium businesses said they didn’t feel equipped to maintain cybersecurity hygiene, citing insufficient resources and lack of specialized security skills.1 Today, we’re announcing Microsoft Defender for Business, which will enter public preview later this month and has been specifically built to bring the power of enterprise-grade endpoint security to small and medium businesses with up to 300 employees.

Small and medium businesses will be empowered to elevate their security by moving from traditional antivirus to next-generation protection, endpoint detection and response, and threat and vulnerability management—all while taking advantage of simplified setup and management. Defender for Business will be available both as a standalone solution and as integrated protection included within Microsoft 365 Business Premium. Additionally, Defender for Business also works with Microsoft 365 Lighthouse—so, IT service providers can add this powerful endpoint protection to their multi-customer view of security events. Learn more about Microsoft Defender for Business in today’s blog post.

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Secure and trusted collaboration

We’re living through unprecedented growth of digital interactions. In this boundaryless digital ecosystem, trust between parties needs to be established in real-time. Yet trust is a rare commodity on the internet. In this new world where digital ‘handshakes’ are more common than analog, identity is absolutely fundamental.

At Microsoft, we’re building the identity of the future: a connective network that enables people, organizations, apps, digital services, and smart devices to make real-time access decisions based on a secure, privacy-respecting credentials exchange. Our identity platform will be the means of establishing trust—it will be the trust fabric for the boundaryless digital ecosystem of the future.

This trust fabric is what makes experiences like Microsoft Teams Connect already possible today. Our flexible and dynamic identity platform, Azure AD, underpins Microsoft Teams to help ensure that every access request, whether internal or external, is secured. It makes establishing secure collaboration across organizational boundaries possible. Security leaders can easily establish inter-company trust, and all employees across multiple companies can collaborate as one extended team.

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