Prakash Jha talks about Aashram 3

Season 3 of Bobby Deol’s ‘Aashram’ is all set to release on MX Player on June 3 and the makers are ready to re-create the success story that the first two chapters have created. Titled ‘Ek Badnaam… Aashram 3’, the story of chapter three revolves around the meteoric rise of godmen in India and how the masses blindly follow them in the name of religion.

During the launch of the third season of the show in the capital, producer-director Prakash Jha spoke about the creative independence that the OTT platform gives to a maker.

“For me, whether it is a web –series or a film, I work similarly. I don’t see any difference in doing films or OTT shows but yes Creative liberty must be done with responsibility and I do that with both the medium,” he said.

“I think OTT has little flexibility because you have the option of watching it individually and pausing it or forwarding it and that’s why you get liberty when it comes to language etc. In theatres, you don’t have that option because sometimes you are going to watch a film with your family. Having said that, I always make sure that I am using liberty in a very responsible manner,” said Jha.

In the upcoming season Bobby Deol a.k.a. Baba Nirala/Kashipurwale baba is back in a more intense and vicious avatar, who continues to bend every rule to suit himself and has become a power-hungry adversary.

Aaditi Pohankar will be back as Pammi in the show along with Chandan Roy Sanyal who portrays the main character of Bhopa. Joining the powerful cast is Esha Gupta, who plays the role of an image-maker in the series.

Speaking about the pressure or expectations, Aaditi says it is more like excitement.

“For the last two seasons, I have lived Pammi and I know how she is – from a very young innocent girl who is so naïve to where she has gone and hits walls literally. It’s not once but twice she has faced this kind of avalanche where recovery of a normal person is impossible but having a sports background has helped her,” Aaditi told Firstpost and added that personally, she has evolved a lot while portraying this character.

“From courage when there are difficulties to conquering darkness, I have learned a lot from Pammi,” said Aditi who had her breakthrough role alongside Riteish Deshmukh in the Marathi action film Lai Bhaari. She also gained wider attention for her roles in the 2020 Hindi web series ‘She’.

Aditi says that her journey as an actor has been fulfilling and she is currently living her dream life.

“I started 4- 5 years ago and I started with theatre. Everybody says there is a struggle in an actor’s life but For me, it’s really not a struggle because I love to perform so much that in regular life, I am just doing it. In the future, I want to do different languages, I want to do accents, I want to do multiple projects in Tamil, Telugu industry because it challenges me and Iove challenges,” she said.

Though content from multiple languages has suddenly seen a boom with the audience showing love for south Indian films like never before.

However, there is also a growing debate on Hindi vs South Indian languages and now Jha has reacted to that and said that though Hindi is an operational language, every other language also holds the same importance. He also said that sometimes he feels bad that he can’t understand and speak the many languages spoken in his own country.

“Hindi is spoken and understood in almost all parts of the country. It’s an operational language, so it has its own place, but all the other languages in our country are also equally important. Whether it is Punjabi, Bengali, Odia, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Malayalam, or Gujarati, every language has its own value

“Many times I feel so embarrassed that I can’t understand the languages of my own country. I try to learn something or another wherever I go. This beautiful country has beautiful languages, cuisines, and cultures. Everything is just amazing,” he said.

He also spoke about how he tries to keep his audience engaged with all the projects that he offers. Giving an example of Aashram season 3, he said that the third chapter is a very organic progression of the story.

“People want to know what will happen to Baba or other characters or for that matter, the political intervention and this is what we are trying to offer. We are going to keep you engaged because if I won’t do that with the story then nothing else will work. Every maker faces this constant challenge of how to entertain and engage the audience,” he sums up.

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