Pam & Tommy BTS Video Shows Lily James & Sebastian Stan

A behind-the-scenes look at Pam & Tommy shows the amazing process of transforming Lily James and Sebastian Stan for Hulu’s recent limited series exploring the couple’s relationship. Embracing the titular roles of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, the actors underwent immense hair, makeup, and prosthetic changes to recreate the looks of their celebrity counterparts in the late 1990s. Seth Rogen’s aesthetic transformation is also highlighted, as he played Rand Gauthier, the disgruntled construction worker who famously stole and began selling a private tape from Pamela and Tommy’s home.

The eight-episode series has earned praise for its storytelling, as well as the impressive physical changes made to the actors. Hulu’s behind-the-scenes video explains all that went into designing Pam & Tommy, from dental work to tattoo replication and more. James notes that becoming Pamela took three to four hours daily, testifying to the dedication the production team had to telling this controversial story with as much accuracy as possible. Hulu’s digital YouTube series, The Craft, introduces David Williams, Barry Lee Moe, and Kameron Lennox as the trio of designers behind the impressive visual aesthetics of Pam & Tommy. The trio notes their own contributions to each character’s transformation. While Rand Gauthier (Rogen) required mostly wardrobe and hair changes, Stan and James needed a few intense additions, including breast prosthetics to give James the same body as Pamela Anderson.

Pam & Tommy has earned mixed feedback from some audiences and the stars themselves, who have their own feelings about the biopic rehashing a story that already dealt significant damage. However, the Hulu series may have encouraged other streaming platforms to dive into the story, as Netflix announced a Pamela Anderson documentary soon after the series debuted. Although viewers have differing opinions on the series, most agree that one thing Pam & Tommy got right was the amazing resemblance James and Stan share with the individuals, a major success for Hollywood’s design teams who do not always earn the accolades or press they deserve.

Scott Adkins & Cam Gigandet Lead Action Thriller Violence

John Wick 4’s Scott Adkins is set to lead the action thriller Violence of Action alongside Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse actor Cam Gigandet. Action star and John Wick 4 actor Scott Adkins is now set to lead the upcoming action thriller Violence of Action alongside Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse actor Cam Gigandet. The new film is being directed by Will Kaufman, who has helmed projects such as One in the Chamber starring Cuba Gooding Jr. and Dolph Lundgren. The script is penned by Josh Ridgway and Chad Law, the latter of which has previously written other films starring Adkins, including Close Range, and the upcoming Section Eight. Andrew Lewis, Isaac Lewis, Jon Wroblewski and Christian Sosa are producing the new project.

Per THR, Adkins and Gigandet have joined the film’s cast in as yet unconfirmed roles. According to the report, the story of Violence of Action centers on a former SEAL who is “tormented by a decision he made in Afghanistan,” before becoming a vigilante who is “brutally taking down a drug gang that is terrorizing his neighborhood.” Filming on the intense action feature is set to begin this fall in New Orleans.

Violence Of Action’s narrative description now fully revealed, it is likely to be confirmed soon which parts the two actors have signed on to play. Regardless, the stars are well-versed in the action/thriller genre. In addition to his Violence of Action role, Adkins will next be seen in the Keanu Reeves-led, highly anticipated John Wick 4, and Jamie Foxx’s Netflix action film Day Shift. Former Twilight star Gigandet is next set to appear in Scott Windhauser’s Deep Six with Smallville’s Tom Welling. Meanwhile, writing and directing duo Kaufman and Law, also recently collaborated on another Gigandet-led film, Shrapnel. With such an experienced collection of genre stars, writers and director, Violence of Action is sure to deliver something memorable that action fans everywhere will enjoy.

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