Ouran High School Host Club: Every Major Character’s Grow older, Elevation


Ouran High School Club offers a appoint of vivid personalities, each along with their very personal beauties. Here is every major character’s grow older, birthday celebration, and elevation.

Ouran Academy is actually loaded with vivid personalities, and also protagonist Haruhi swiftly locates out after transmitting towards the prominent school that the host club is actually one of the best significant areas within it. Ouran High School Host Club observes Haruhi’s quest as she hesitantly joins Tamaki and also his other organizes to repay her tremendous financial personal debt after inadvertently cracking a pricey vintage flower holder.

After participating in the club, Haruhi is actually pestered along with the remainder of the charming appoint. Each and each and every participant has actually their very personal special beauty, thus it is simply all-organic that fans (much like the in-show consumers) want being familiar with more about their favored organizes. Listed listed below are actually some of the best crucial sign profile pages that Ouran High School Host Club fans may wonder about.

Ouran High School Host Club Data Graph

Ouran may be actually taken into consideration a timeless towards veteran anime fans, yet some newbies may certainly not be actually as acquainted with the series despite its own track record. Besides protagonist Haruhi, appointment the whole entire host club all simultaneously may be actually a little difficult, and also always keeping path of each of the members’ names and also other details may be a little difficult.

Haruhi Fujioka

Haruhi is actually a chameleon of a protagonist as she adjustments up her appeal more compared to any individual in the series. Haruhi is actually the younger lady the series observes as she transfers towards the prominent Ouran Academy. As a middle-class person, Haruhi is actually taken into consideration through her classmates a “inadequate citizen” as they all stem from somewhat affluent upbringings and histories.

Haruhi herself does not seem to be towards match at first, as she starts her quest as a stereotypical “nerdy” style sign being reluctant and also certainly not actually curious about the glitz and also glam of Tamaki’s host club. However, Haruhi’s silent beauty at some point enamors every person in Ouran’s host club after ultimately reeling her into participate in all of them.

Tamaki Suoh

Tamaki is actually the charming head of state of the Ouran host club along with Haruhi’s major enjoy enthusiasm. Tamaki is actually one-half Japanese and also one-half French, and also while he usually passes just “Tamaki”, his total name is actually Rene Tamaki Richard de Grantaine Suoh.

Tamaki, despite his baronial appeal, is actually somewhat flamboyant and also foolish sometimes. While he may seem to be like a goofball and also a little a joke at first, it is unobstructed that responsible for his egotistical and also outward bound perspective, is actually a kid that genuinely cares about his pals and also dedicates themself towards all he secures dear.

7 Kyoya Ootori

Kyoya is actually Tamaki’s best pal and also participates in the role of the amazing and also computed vice-president of the Ouran host club. Despite his representative title being vice-president, Kyoya is actually infamous for being the one that’s genuinely managing the present responsible for the doors of the host club and also its own tasks, gaining him the ominous title of “The Darkness King”.

Besides his tasks as vice-president, Kyoya is actually also the one that regulates the club’s funds. To countered Tamaki’s naive or even reckless actions, Kyoya needs to exist, producing him a vital part of each the host club’s effectiveness and also also Tamaki’s health and well-being.

6 Takashi Morinozuka (Mori)

Mori is actually a third-year student and also the 2nd earliest in the host club. Mori is actually called the sturdy soundless style and also is actually usually observed coming with his relative/best pal, Honey. Despite being somewhat stoic a lot of the amount of time, he heavily cares about Honey and also consistently carries out his best towards meet his dreams.

Mori is actually best called the strict however types knight in beaming shield. While he is actually a nationwide kendo champ and also a karate professional, he simply refines his toughness towards permit him towards secure those all around him.

5 Mitsukini Haninozuka (Honey)

Honey may appeal a little misplaced at Ouran Academy yet felt confident that he is actually outdated good enough towards observe a high school! Honey, despite his appeal, is actually in fact the earliest participant of the Ouran host club. Honey is actually typically observed using all around on relative Mori’s shoulders lugging his favored packed fuchsia rabbit, Usa-chan.

As one will think, Honey is actually a fan of charming factors along with desserts as he’s consistently observed munching on cake or even sweet at any time he’s in a arena. However, as a result of Honey’s AB blood stream style, a number of the organizes observe him as possessing a divide personality; one edge of Honey being intense and also uplifting and also the other being dark and also scary!

4 Kaoru Hitachiin

Kaoru is actually Hikaru’s much younger double bro yet often usually tends to become the best reasonable and also fully grown one in between the two. Kaoru and also his bro are actually each mischievous styles and also normally off creating problem all around the school university. While they take pleasure in creating a little a racket every now and afterwards, they may not be ever before in fact genuinely destructive and also recognize when their pranks have actually gone also much.

Kaoru is actually conveniently determined through his bro, Hikaru, as he often usually tends to become kinder and also more fully grown when he’s mingling on his very personal. However, the minute he is actually reunited along with his bro Hikaru, he reverts towards his rear towards his troublemaker personal.

3 Hikaru Hitachiin

Hikaru is actually the eldest of the Hitachiin chins and also often usually tends to become taken into consideration the forerunner of the doubles. As each Hikaru and also his bro Kaoru have actually emotions for Haruhi, they each relate to Tamaki as their opponent, creating some strain in between all of them and also their club head of state.

Despite being a little more premature compared to his much younger bro, Hikaru is actually the more individual one of the two. However, he carries out have the tendency to come to be a little childish when it pertains to taking care of his emotional states and also often shares his emotions in somewhat bold means.

2 Umehito Nekozawa

Nekozawa is actually the strange head of state of the Dark Magic Club at Ouran High. While he primarily seems along with dark hair, it is actually disclosed that it is actually a wig towards hide his gold locks. He is actually normally observed putting on a dark cloak and also his dependable curse doll, Beelzenef. Nekozawa conceals coming from the direct sun light as he experiences photophobia and also consistently opts to stay in the darkness.

While lots of pupils merely comb off Nekozawa and also his feeble tries towards hire more members for his club, Tamaki is actually an instead superstitious individual and also often usually tends to become a little worried or even on side when Nekozawa is actually all around.

1 Ryoji Fujioka (Ranka)

Ryoji is actually Haruhi’s caring daddy that also goes due to the name Ranka when on the time clock. Ryoki is actually a specialist crossdresser and also bartender and also goes due to the phase name Ranka. Ryoji was actually (and also still is actually) a crucial sign towards the LBGTQ+ area as he is actually honestly bisexual aside from his crossdressing career.

Ryoji is actually an instead intense and also uplifting man and also reveals lots of correlations towards Tamaki. Ryoji, despite needing to increase Haruhi on his very personal after the passing away of his partner, is actually an exceptionally doting and also attentive father; regularly aiming to ruin and also indulge his modest little girl.