One of Netflix’s original Korean films “Love and Leashes” is getting hot conversations

After successfully starring in the drama Private Lives in 2020, Seohyun “SNSD” is ready to make a comeback through her latest film in 2022. Love and Leashes might be the right spectacle for those of you who are curious about the world of BDSM, but in a way that isn’t vulgar. This film will be suitable for you to watch with your beloved partner on the weekend. If you are interested, you can legally watch this film through the Netflix service starting February 11, 2022.

Directed by Park Hyeon Jin, he took SNSD’s Seohyun and U-KISS’s Lee Jun Young as the main characters whose acting skills are unquestionable.

One of Netflix’s original Korean films has garnered heated discussion. Taking the theme of the impossible, ‘Love and Leashes Movie‘ is a film that garners amazement as well as debate between critics and experts.

On February 11, 2022, Netflix released the first adult romance film with a rating of 18+ for containing harsh, dirty, and fetish words. Directed by Park Hyeon Jin, he took SNSD’s Seohyun and U-KISS’s Lee Jun Young as the main characters whose acting skills are unquestionable.

This Netflix Korean film is based on a webtoon entitled ‘Moral Sense’ by Winter, which tells the story of two company employees who have a complicated and provocative relationship.

The story begins when Jung Ji Hoo (Lee Jun Young), is transferred from the business team to the PR team. Ji Hoo is a person who is popular because of his handsome face and ability to work. At his new job, he meets a colleague named Jung Ji Woo (Seo Hyun), a woman full of charisma and always telling the truth.

Behind Ji Hoo’s perfect figure, Jujutsu Kaisen 0 The Movie 2022 Korean he hides a sexual secret in his unusual self, namely that he really enjoys BDSM sexual activities. Because, their names are almost the same, a fatal mistake occurred.

One day, Ji Woo accidentally discovered the secret through a package containing one of Ji Hoo’s BDSM devices, the woman mistook the package for him. Although at first Ji Woo really appreciated Ji Woo and kept his secret meeting closed, Ji Hoo misunderstood thinking that his co-workers had the same preferences.

Therefore, Ji Hoo asked Ji Woo to be his ‘master’. Crime City 2 movie 2022, Feeling curious and interested, Ji Woo agreed to Ji Hoo’s offer. He believes that he is a fast learner and able to do things that are quite foreign to him.

Even Ji Woo also does research and trains hard to become someone who is dominant so as not to embarrass himself in front of his submissive, Jung Ji Hoo. Their contract runs for three months, in the middle of the contract Ji Woo confesses his feelings that have started to grow into romance to Ji Hoo.

Since the beginning Ji Hoo has admired Ji Woo a lot, which he thinks is very cool, Death on the nile sub korea but because of the trauma of his past, Ji Hoo can’t accept Ji Woo’s invitation to have a relationship that is more serious than just a dom-sub relationship in a BDSM game.

The film ‘Love and Leashes’ will also show the reasons why Ji Hoo likes unusual sexual activities. In addition, the conflict that is not too heavy makes this film has its own charm. Pretending to have an adult rating, in fact this film does not show bed scenes explicitly or hotly, on the contrary, this film educates the audience about the relationship between BDSM and the relationship between the actors.

Although the film ‘Love and Leashes’ has a light plot, Emergency Declaration Movie Online Seohyun and Lee Jun Young were able to bring the audience to feel the tension and ups and downs of emotions. Interested in watching?