One of BTS’s songs is included in the soundtrack of the Marvel Eternals movie

Recently, Jimin BTS’s song ‘Friends’ has been included in the ranks of the latest Marvel movie soundtrack, Eternals.

Even though it only premiered on November 3, the Marvel Eternals stream was ranked 1st at the Korean Wednesday Box Office on its opening day in the Ginseng Country.

The achievement of the film Marvel Eternals in the first place at the South Korean box office became the second best during the pandemic.

Jimin BTS fans fully support by buying tickets for the Eternals movie to support the work of the BTS member. Note: 싱크홀 다시보기

The song Friends, which is the soundtrack for the Marvel Eternals film, is the first song to be composed, and produced by Jimin BTS himself.

Friends sung by Jimin and V was released in February 2020 as a B-side song on the BTS album Map of the Soul: 7 which contains the story of the same-age friendship and the two members’ bandmates with a sincere message of friendship.

Viewers can hear Jimin’s voice clearly as the scene begins with the intro, then most of Friends’ songs can be heard throughout the scene as background music.

With the support of the huge Korean ARMY, the film posted impressive results on its opening day. Note: 인질 영화 다시보기

Deadline Hollywood, an American entertainment news outlet, reported that the film Eternals took first place in terms of revenue at the Box Office Wednesday in South Korea.

In addition, Film Updates, an account dealing with film industry issues, reported that the first day of the film’s revenue was $2.6 million.

It was the second-best opening day in the country during the pandemic and the largest for the film out of 14 markets where it was shown.

Previously, ALLFORJIMIN and JAMJAM, Jimin BTS’s two fanbases in South Korea, announced that they would be placing advertisements on 1,500 automatic ticket machines in theaters such as CGV, Lotte Cinema, and Megabox across the country to celebrate the entry of the song. Friends in the Eternals OST, the new Marvel movie. Note: 블랙 위도우 영화 다시보기

The commercial is scheduled to run from November 3, the film’s opening day in theaters in South Korea, until November 9.

This way, fans can visit the movie ticket booth and take photos and videos of the ad as soon as the ad is shown.

The caption “Eternals OST: Friends. Produced by BTS JIMIN” is in the ad for everyone who visits the movie ticket booth to see.

ARMYs went to watch the movie Eternals posting videos and photos on social media, showing Jimin’s name in the end credits, which was one of their proudest moments as Jimin BTS fans.

In fact, some ARMY held a movie together by carrying banners with messages of support for Jimin. This is a clear indication that they went to the movies because of him. Note: 샹치와 텐 링즈의 전설 영화 다시보기

The message on the banner says, “Producer Park-nim, we support and cheer you on now and in the future”.

The part of concern is the premiere in Daegu, while there are still more screenings of the film Eternals to come in other cities such as Seoul and Busan, the city where BTS Jimin has a large following.

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