One Halloween Kills Death Teased How Michael Myers

Halloween Kills, the aftermath of one Michael Myers kills may predict his downfall in Halloween Ends. Myers racks up a significant kill count in the most recent installment of the Halloween franchise, including the married couple who have moved into his childhood home. How he arranges their bodies may reveal a weakness of his character that could cost him his life once and for all.

Halloween Kills picks up directly after the fiery finale of David Gordon Green’s 2018 Halloween. For years, a traumatized Laurie Strode has trained herself and honed her defensive skills to prepare for Michael Myers’ inevitable escape from his institution. Michael does escape in Green’s Halloween but sticks to the persona he grew an eerie reputation for, killing indiscriminately and having no interest in hunting Strode down. Halloween Kills finds him narrowly avoiding the fire Strode and her family lit to kill him, and instead resumes his killing spree by murdering firemen since they are the first people in his way. It becomes apparent Myers’ motivation is to locate his childhood home and return there Films. Beyond that, Michael is unreasonable and unreadable. While the town spirals and riots, Myers returns to his childhood home. The new occupants, Little John and Big John, are two married men who never suspect that Myers will kill them simply because they are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The fact Michael Myers desires his house in Halloween Kills proves that he has desires aside from killing, a trait usually absent from his character. Myers is portrayed mostly as a mindless killing machine, making it hard for characters like Laurie to effectively end him. To have the inherent need to return to his childhood home humanizes him slightly, as do his actions when he gets there. Killing Little John and Big John is necessary for him to reclaim the home that used to belong to him, but he proceeds to arrange a tableau out of their corpses that mimics a photograph of the married couple. It is a romantic gesture and practically honors the couple’s memory an act that goes against everything Michael Myers is known for Movies. It could hint at the weakness leading to his death in Halloween Ends. This phase of the franchise is clearly hoping to go out with a bang, so it will need to come up with a unique way to defeat Myers. By using his latent emotions against him, which the Halloween Kills tableau scene proves he might possess, perhaps he can be taunted into slipping up. Spurred on by the death of Karen Strode’s husband, and the attack on Karen’s daughter, Allyson, in Halloween Kills, Halloween Ends could show the three generations of Strode women using any strategy available to take down Michael. Much like in It Chapter Two, the weapon used against the antagonist does not always need to be complicated. The It characters discover they can kill the clown Pennywise by mocking and degrading him, an effective dampener of their own fear. There is potential in the fact Michael felt the need to make a sentimental tableau of the Johns, but it could also be a reflection of his tableaus in John Carpenter’s Halloween. In the original, however, the tableaux weren’t so much tableaux as they were merely morbidly placed. Lynda, for example, is arranged in the closet for seemingly little reason other than shock value. The specific married couple tableau in Halloween Kills communicates a deeper meaning due to its unique arrangement.

If Laurie Strode and the scared townsfolk of Haddonfield hope to take down the seemingly immortal Michael Myers, they may need to look elsewhere for a weakness he may have already divulged. The aftermath of Big TV and Little Johns’ murders in Halloween Kills suggests there is a dent in Myers’ otherwise impassive persona that may be the answer to his downfall. It will all boil over in Halloween Ends where this potential weakness discovered in Halloween Kills will either be exploited or ignored.