New Powers With Jason Todd Becomes DC’s New Green Lantern

New upgrade for Jason Todd, the antihero is becoming the latest Green Lantern in the pages of DC Comics. A new preview for Worlds Without a Justice League – Green Lantern #1 reveals the former Robin will trade in his usual red ensemble for a much more green look, with new powers and a striking costume to go with it. For those wondering whether the Death of the Justice League would have severe implications on the DC Universe, the new role for Jason seems to suggest, yes, overwhelmingly.

The Death of the Justice League left the DC Comics universe without some of its greatest heroes, as Batman, Wonder Woman, Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern, and Superman were all among those who were taken out in battle against Pariah and the Great Darkness. While the next iteration of the Justice League has already been hinted at, the future for Jason Todd in a world without the Justice League just got a startling tease.

A new brand first-look at Worlds Without a Justice League – Green Lantern #1 by Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Nadia Shammas, artists Fernando Blanco, and Jack Herbert from CBR, it’s revealed Jason Todd will become a Green Lantern. The synopsis for the issue indicates the Emerald Knight (John Stewart) will call on the blind prophet (Kyle Rayner) and the Red Hood (Jason Todd) for help in defending the Earth in the wake of the Death of the Justice League. Check out a variant cover starring Todd’s Green Lantern by Mario Foccillo below. Jason Todd’s Green Lantern costume is undeniably Red Hood-inspired, as he keeps his face mask, but instead of its usual red color, it’s appropriately green. Additionally, Todd has Green Lantern logo’s on his biceps (which seem to be made of metal) while he wields a constructed gun and sword.

The Green Lantern Corps lost a key member in Hal Jordan following the Death of the Justice League, so they can use all the help they could get. Recruiting Jason and giving him new powers and a costume means he can help protect the Earth like never before while getting a surprising role that takes the character in an all-new direction. It will be fascinating to see how long Red Hood sticks with the new identity. Jason Todd becomes a Green Lantern when Worlds Without a Justice League – Green Lantern #1 from DC Comics arrives in comic book stores and online retailers on August 9th.