New Movies To Watch At Home This Fall

Its time to find something good to watch.

Maybe you didnt have exactly the hot vaccinated summer we were all hoping for. While we cant fix the big stuff, our critics do have good news about staying entertained — and challenged, and invigorated, and curious.

Were back with a guide of what to watch this fall. Because the lines between movies and television are being rapidly blurred, weve included both. Plus, everything were recommending can be seen from the comfort of your couch. You can search by release date, genre, and, most importantly, where in the heck youre supposed to find it.

4 best movies to watch this week:

1.Dune (2021)
Denis Villeneuves remake of David Lynchs “The Desert Planet” from 1984, based on the novel series “Dune” by Frank Herbert.

Since Frank Herberts “Dune” series of novels was published in the 1960s, many directors and studios have tried to make the science fiction classic into a film. Some failed in an early production phase, some projects hung in the balance for several years, David Lynch then made it to the first feature film adaptation in 1984. The film aroused mixed feelings from both critics and audiences. In early 2000, the TV miniseries “Dune” and “Children of Dune” followed, which were also only moderately successful.

For example, Denis Villeneuve (“Blade Runner 2049”) has a difficult legacy, and accordingly he gives himself a lot of time for the project, because the film is a matter close to his heart. Villeneuve is striving for nothing less than to make a kind of “Star Wars for adults”, after all, many motifs from the popular science fiction saga can be traced back to “Dune” (via Fandom). His art director Tom Brown even drew a comparison with the “Lord of the Rings” franchise. The French-Canadian director worked with Oscar-winning writer Eric Roth (“Forrest Gump”) and Jon Spaihts (“Doctor Strange”) on the script.

2.After Love (2021)
Good news for all “after” movie fans: In September 2020, the two main actors Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin announced that the film series would be continued. “After Love” is the third novel in the series, which was published in bookshops between 2014 and 2015. Previously, author Anna Todd posted the story as a “One Direction” fan fiction on the web. Outwardly, Corin Hardy is modeled on Harry Styles.

A personnel change in the third film will take place on the directors chair. While Roger Kumble was most recently responsible for the production of “After Truth”, director Castille Landon (“Apple of My Eye”) will be responsible for the two upcoming films “After Love” and “After Forever”.

The two main actors Hero Fiennes Tiffin and Josephine Langford are of course there, the role of Zed (Samuel Larsen) at least plays an important role in the book.

3.Saw 9: Spiral (2021)
Unfortunately, in the current production phase, we still know very little about the new “Saw” film. What is certain is that the ninth part of the series follows chronologically from the previous “Jigsaw”, but gets a new spin with the script by actor and comedian Chris Rock.

The focus is on the father-son story of Detective Zeke and his father Marcus. To what extent John Kramer has to do with the murder series Zeke is working on is not yet known.

4.Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (2021)
Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings 2021 United States of America Action film by Sarah Halley Finn and with Simu Liu, Tony Leung Chiu-wai. Shang-Chi was trained to be a killer by the secret terrorist organization the Ten Rings from early childhood. Despite this intensive martial arts training, the young man tried to build a normal life in San Francisco. But when he thinks he may have really left his previous life behind, the past catches up with him again. Together with his old childhood friend Katy, he is drawn into a world by his criminal father Wenwu in which nobody touches anyone with kid gloves. – Only the ten rings of the mandarin can perhaps turn the tide in the fight against evil. [

those are some of the films we recommend.