New ‘Halloween’ 4K Collection Extras Announced by Scream Factory

It’s the beginning of September, which means horror fans have already started counting down the days till Halloween. There are so many exciting horror physical releases coming in the next two months like Evil Dead, Army of Darkness, and The Fog. Those films are all coming to 4K for the first time thanks to Shout Factory/Scream Factory. However, another amazing release coming out in early October is their Halloween 4K Collection (1995-2002). This includes Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, Halloween H20: 20 Years Later, and Halloween: Resurrection. Now Scream Factory has announced the extras for the release and if you’re a Resurrection fan you’re going to be really happy.

The Curse of Michael Myers and H20 will include a new 4K scan from the original camera negative while Curse will also feature a new audio commentary featuring screenwriter Daniel Farrands and actress Marianne Hagan. This commentary is moderated by filmmaker Michael Perez. However, the main star of the show here is Resurrection. The final film in the first reboot timeline will have a new 4K scan from the original camera negative, but the film will also have an exciting amount of new interviews as well. The disc includes “Haddonfield North – An Interview With Production Designer Troy Hanse”, “Sister, Screen Queen Sister – An Interview With Stunt Coordinator And Long-Time Jamie Lee Curtis Stunt Double Donna Keegan”, and “Hell Raiser – An Interview With Special Makeup Effects Coordinator Gary J. Tunnicliffe”. The remaining killer features are “The Youngest Shape – An Interview With Actor Gary Clayton”, “The Butcher And The Blade – An Interview With Actor Sean Patrick Thomas”, and “Tales From The Script – An Interview With Comic Book Author Stef Hutchinson”.

It’s kind of interesting to see Resurrection get all the love here when compared to Curse and H20. However, of all the films in this set, it probably has the most compelling behind-the-scenes stories to tell. Before Blumhouse’s new legacy trilogy, Resurrection was the last film to feature Curtis’ Laurie Strode who infamously died in the first 15 minutes. From there the film became a hybrid between your traditional Halloween and a modern found footage movie with a group having to spend a night at the Myers house for a reality show. A show run by Tyra Banks and Busta Rhymes’ characters.

The film infamously included a one-on-one fight between Rhymes’ character and Myers; as such, it’s going to be interesting to hear what the cast and crew have to say about this particular Halloween in these new interviews. The special features on these Scream Factory editions have always gone the extra mile to celebrate the horror genre and are arguably the best part of their releases. It’s also important to note that all the special features from the company’s previous Blu-ray release of these films will be included in this set as well.

Scream Factory has been one of the best boutique labels for the horror genre over the last decade. In that same blood-soaked note, their 4K work on the first five Halloween films have been among the best physical media releases the genre has ever seen. Those classics never looked better and, while these three films are far from anyone’s favorites in the franchise, it will still be exciting to see how visually improved they all are. Halloween has always had a great atmosphere to it that’s perfect for the 4K format. Particularly Curse is going to look great as it is drenched in the fall season with a bunch of festive decorations and colorful leaves surrounding Myers’ reign of terror.

Scream Factory’s Halloween 4K Collection(1995-2002) comes home on October 4. Just in time for Michael Myers and Laurie Strode’s battle to conclude in Halloween Ends on October 14. You can pre-order this spooky box set on Scream Factory’s website now for $119.98.News Movie

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