New Characters in One Piece: Red!

With the premiere schedule only one month away, fans of the One Piece series can’t wait to see the newest film. Anime Movies One Piece Film: Red will premiere in August in Japan. This will be the 15th film in the entire One Piece franchise. And many new things will appear in the story later.

One thing that is interesting about the story in the film is the appearance of the figure of Uta, who is the son of Shanks. Uta will be the main highlight in the story later. According to his information, he is a singer who is very famous for his melodious voice. Everyone in the world of One Piece really likes the figure of Uta.

Apart from Uta, in this film we will also reportedly see several other new characters, for example, the figure of Gordon, who is still mysterious. However, it is said that he is a person who has connections with Shanks and Uta. Then, the character who will reportedly be the main villain in the film is Patrick Redfield. However, before the premiere of the film, we are introduced to other characters.

Based on the available information, One Piece Film: Red again introduces two new characters specifically for the film. The two of them were Romy and Yurueka. Romy himself is a poor girl who really likes the figure of Uta. In fact, he even imitated Uta’s hairstyle. Romy will be one of the audience members who appear on the diva’s music show.

Just like Romy, Yurueka is also a poor boy who is a fan of Uta. He also became one of the figures who will appear on Uta’s music show. Unfortunately, there is still no further information about these two characters. Phim Quyết Tâm Chia Tay Viet Sub, Even so, it seemed like there would be a bit of drama or story coming up that involved the two of them.

One possible scenario is how they both don’t have the money to be able to watch Uta’s show. They were not allowed to enter because of that. However, they do various illegal ways to be able to watch Uta’s show. Until then they experienced an unpleasant act. That’s when Luffy and the Straw Hats appeared.

They might do something to help Romy and Yurueka. This is similar to what happened in the Wano arc, when Luffy wanted to help Momonosuke and Tama to free Wano. Phim Thor: Tình yêu và sấm sét Viet Sub, He did this after seeing the condition of the two, and also after learning that the entire population of Wano was suffering from hunger and living in poverty due to Kaido and Orochi’s actions.

Or maybe these two characters have other important roles like other child characters in the previous film. Phim Sát thủ nhân tạo 2: Mẫu vật còn lại Viet Sub, The Red film itself will be the film that involves the most Oda figures in the creative process and production. Mimoni 2: Padouch přichází CZ titulky, Of course this will make this film feel very special and different, especially now that the One Piece series has entered the final Saga. This might be a “special gift” for Oda or the series. We’ll just have to wait, geeks, how the story goes when the film airs.