Netflix Film Adaptation titled ‘The Sandman’

The challenge with adapting a popular comic book or novel is that there will always be fans who aren’t happy with change. For the Netflix adaptation of The Sandman, there is one big change that is currently being talked about on social media.

Based on the comic strip, the TV adaptation of The Sandman does not include the English wizard John Constantine. Previously played by Matt Ryan and Keanu Reeves.

The character is known as a blonde man in a striped suit. But in The Sandman, there is only Johanna Constantine and played by Jenna Coleman. He is actually a direct descendant of John Constantine.

Although he only appeared briefly in The Sandman season 1, Coleman’s appearance managed to attract attention. And if the show gets the green light from Netflix streaming for season 2, there’s a good chance we could see more of Coleman’s appearances.

For comic fans, the appearance of Johanna Constantine may be a little confusing. However, there is an interesting explanation about the differences in adaptation of Johanna Constantine and John Constantine.

Who is Johanna Constantine? Is he the same as John Constantine?

Although John Constantine is in The Sandman comics, he doesn’t appear in Netflix’s version of The Sandman. Instead, his descendant Johanna Costantine emerged (and shared a common ancestor). She’s not just a gender-swapped version of a witch, Johanna is a character in DC Comics, just like John.

The original Johanna Constantine appeared in episode 3. But a different version of Johanna Constantine appeared in The Sandman episode 6. In the show it is explained that Dream made one mortal friend for centuries. Namely an English man named Hob Gadling (Ferdinand Kingsley).

Morpheus and Hob meet in the same pub every hundred years. But in 1789, they were interrupted by Lady Johanna Constantine.

The 18th-century member of Constantine’s clan mistook Dream and Hob for the Devil and the Wandering Jew and demanded the gift of immortality. In Netflix’s The Sandman, Lady Johanna is also played by Jenna Coleman.

John’s history involving Astra Logue was simply transferred to Johanna. Likewise, the story of Constantine’s ex-lover who happens to have Morpheus’ sandbag. Johanna actually has John’s magical abilities. But The Sandman turned his profession into a successful exorcist.

The switch was made because of the need for legal rights to the character of John Constantine by another TV show. After Matt Ryan’s John Constantine tenure in Legends of Tomorrow ends, the character will currently appear in the TV series Justice League on HBO Max.

As such, The Sandman has completely replaced John with Johanna, who is basically a female version of the same character with a few notable changes. Thus, John Constantine will likely not appear in The Sandman at all.

Who is Jenna Coleman?

Jenna is a British actress who has been in the film and television business since the late 2000s. She has appeared in numerous films and television shows, including The Serpent, Doctor Who, and starred in the Emmy-nominated Victoria.

At a press event prior to the premiere of The Sandman, SlashFilm spoke with Gaiman, who explained that it was a deliberate decision to choose a woman as Constantine.

“Actually, we talked about it [during] early, sitting down and having dinner before we offered it to Netflix and everybody, it was one of those things that seemed to make sense. It was big and clear that we were going to [play a woman],” he said. .

“I think Jenna is the best Constantine on screen so far and oddly somehow the most true, because she’s both got humor, and charm, and quality.”

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