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A number of Netflix’s films coming out this fall seem to be setting the streamer up for Oscar season and will open in theaters a week or more before streaming on Netflix, ensuring they will meet the Oscars’ theatrical requirement. It’s always movie night thanks to Netflix and its never-ending bounty of fine films and not-so-fine flicks, but what movie should you watch Mission: Impossible – Protocollo fantasma streaming?

Why aren’t the Mission: Impossible movies on Netflix in the United States?

STARZ currently own the streaming licenses to the movies. That means the only way you can watch the movies as part of a subscription is with the Starz channel available on Amazon Prime. Bear in mind you’ll need both subscriptions to watch.

I’d wager that quite a few film fans have seen at least one of the Mission: Impossible 3 streaming films in their time. The Tom Cruise-led flicks have dazzled audiences with their massive (and sometimes dangerous-looking) stunts. While some of us probably wish we had Ethan Hunt’s skills, not many of us actually do. However, a couple of burglars seemingly channelled the character when robbing a hardware store. And the result is just as odd as you’d probably imagine.

Will Mission: Impossible Fallout coming to Netflix?

As the above would suggest, Netflix in some regions will eventually get the 2018 Fallout edition. Netflix in the United States won’t be getting the movie, however. Sadly we can’t predict exactly when the movie will be on Netflix but typically theatrical movies Mission: Impossible 5 streaming come to Netflix around a year or two after they initially release.

Pearl Hardware in Portland, Oregon was the unfortunate victim of the unconventional burglary. The incident, which occurred on Sunday, October 10, was all captured on the store’s surveillance cameras. The establishment’s supervisor told local news affiliate Fox 12 that the thieves made their way to the top of the building and made their way in through the skylight. The video shows a rope hanging from the ceiling with one person shimmying down, only to be followed by the accomplice shortly after.

Netflix’s viewer numbers have always been a little murky, but the streaming giant’s new system aims to clear things up. Netflix will soon track viewer numbers based on the number of hours a certain show or movie has been watched, the streamer announced during its Q3 earnings report on Tuesday. While this switch does give us a better idea of what’s popular, it also has led to an unexpectedly hilarious data table.

For years, Netflix didn’t say anything at all about how many viewers tuned into a certain show or movie. Then the Mission: Impossible – Fallout streaming service reported how many people watched 70% of a show or movie. These days it’s been counting an account “view” when a member watches just two minutes or more of a program.

According to Netflix, the new metric is designed to better reflect repeat viewings, rather than just counting each account one time. So for example, the old metric would favor shows that attracted lots of unique viewers, like Tiger King. The new metric favors time committed to a show or film, like 13 Reasons Why. It would seem to favor stickiness over temporary spikes in popularity.

Netflix also announced that it would be revealing viewer data for its original shows and movies more often going forward, which means we can look forward to even more weird numbers and finicky metrics in the future.

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