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Netflix announces a new, more accurate viewing metric in its third-quarter shareholder letter following the success of . Netflix never stops. The streaming service has never been in the business of “less is more”—instead favoring pumping out original series, movies, and documentaries by the dozen—and 2021 is no different. A not insignificant number of movies, as well as new and returning series, are slated for a 2021 premiere, and many more will inevitably be on the way.

We think engagement as measured by hours viewed is a slightly better indicator of the overall success of our titles and member satisfaction, the shareholder letter said. It also matches how outside services measure TV viewing and gives proper credit to rewatching.

In that same letter, Netflix also stated it would “more regularly” release the count of hours viewed so that its members “and the industry can better measure success in the streaming world. This is the second change in Netflix’s viewing measures in two years after the company switched to the two-minute viewing metric in 2019. Before that, Netflix measured audience engagement by counting any member account that had completed 70 percent of a movie  or a single television episode as a single view.

What does the release date calendar look like for Netflix movies in the fall of 2021?

The horror movie genre will be getting a boost in the fall months of 2021, with the titles set to release between September the end of November. After a year of uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was unclear how the movie industry would recover, especially when it comes to theatrical releases. Interestingly enough, the horror genre has helped immensely in jump-starting interest in returning to theaters. In addition, streamers continue to bolster their horror offerings, especially Netflix.

Welcome to your look ahead at the Netflix Original movie John Wick lineup that will be rounding out the year on Netflix. We’ll put every movie below that is confirmed or almost certainly expected to hit throughout the remainder of the year.

Although fall doesn’t actually start in the northern hemisphere until September 22nd, we’re going to include the September releases on this list but we’re keeping track of all the September 2021 Netflix Originals separately too John Wick 3 – Parabellum streaming.

Just on a personal note, I’ve been covering Netflix since 2013 and this is by far the strongest movie lineup they’ve ever assembled even beating out the incredible 2019 slate in my mind.

If you want to see what’s coming up to Netflix for John Wick 4 streaming ita and beyond (often years ahead) then check out our respective movie John Wick – Capitolo 2 streaming ita and TV show previews.

Finally, this is by no means the full list, we actually expect this list to actually grow substantially particularly with non-English language Netflix Original movies Jurassic World 3 streaming.

He also stated that the show’s themes of class inequality made it relatable to a global audience. “There is more inequality, more severe competition and more people are being pushed to the edge of their livelihoods,” he said. “Currently, I would say that more than 90 percent of people across the world will be able to somehow connect and empathize with the plight of the characters that are portrayed in the series. More than anything else, that’s probably why the series was such a big success worldwide.”

Last Night in Soho, Edgar Wright’s newest film, comes four years after his last scripted film, Baby Driver. Rather than return to the action genre, Wright dove back into horror with a psychological twist. The movie follows Eloise (Thomasin McKenzie), an aspiring fashion designer who gets transported to 1966 London. Rather than appear as herself, she’s brought back in time inside the body of Sandy (Anya Taylor-Joy), a singer who happens to be Eloise’s idol. Shortly after living as Sandy, Eloise’s reality starts to crack with terrifying repercussions. Other notable names featured alongside McKenzie and Taylor-Joy include Matt Smith, Diana Rigg, Rita Tushingham, and Jessie Mei Li. Like Halloween Kills, Last Night in Soho was originally scheduled to release in the fall of 2020, before being pushed back a year.

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