Mother’s Day love accident The language of love is beautiful and affectionate, causing pain and deep cuts.

Picked it up and reviewed it lightly. Today is a small movie that has just been released for rent at TrueID this week. This is a British romantic drama movie called “Mothering Sunday” . Because the movie does not have a popular trend and the actors who call the audience. But it appears that the gentleness and beauty of this movie became incredibly seductive. That comes with a very small performance of the whole casting team.

Mothering Sunday is based on Graham Swift’s best-selling romance novel of the same name. It tells the story of Niven’s housewife, Jane Fairchild, who lives a tidy life as an employee in the house of the master and mistress. In the aftermath of World War I, but it appears that behind the scenes of the ordinary holiday She hides a secret in a relationship between a man. Who has a higher position, that is, Paul Sherringham, both secretly dating each other to have a very deep relationship. The day before he had to say goodbye to enter into a marriage ceremony with another female partner

This movie can be considered as beautifully conveyed like a poem. The narrative gradually increases in importance. Through the idea of ​​the various dramas of the story come out admirable. Thanks to French director Eva Hassan’s vision of female power, the script adaptation of “Alice Burz” has become a sharp and full-featured blend of the film’s equations. Go with the emotion that penetrates deeper and deeper

The charm of Mothering Sunday is storytelling. that adds sophistication but doesn’t make a mess with the narrative in the perspective of the main character that gradually intervenes during the era, bringing together the figure perfectly There are also dialogs and scripts that are well strung together. Just like the poem mentioned above. Make the love language of this movie beautiful throughout the story. Even if it was inserted with pain along the way

The film’s greatest highlight, of course, is its cast. It can be said that all the characters and the actors are well portrayed. “Odessa Young” Her power and charm in this movie is intense. It’s a movie that doesn’t seem to exert much strength. But she was able to keep the whole movie up and running and unbelievable. with a little acting, but very powerful is a rising star who should be watching the way of acting is not light

The same goes for “Josh O’Connor”. that provides a small but very large performance Expressions of inners come from gestures rather than words. And he’s doing well. The movie also features two main characters, Colin Firth and Olivia Coleman, and the performances of these two legendary actors leave nothing to be desired. Just standing still and sending the mood hurts the audience to the bottom already. They are the supporting elements that really add to the film’s sharpness.

Although Mothering Sunday may be a romance film that slowly leads viewers to explore here and there in a less flashy pace, But when it comes to the conclusion of the movie at the end to be able to trample on the heart of the audience to almost crush it. There are many beautiful elements in this movie. But it caused quite a bit of trauma when the story arrived at its destination. It turned out to be a really touching painful movie.

However, Mothering Sunday may not be suitable for audiences under the age of 18. Because there are some inappropriate and provocative images and scenes in the show. But it is considered a suitable component and goes well with the leather. without being conveyed in any way obscene Because in the end, this love movie is like a sea wave that keeps crashing on itself one by one. There are soft waves that can still stand and strong waves that can make you fall down as well.

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