Moon Knight Scene Was Layla & Taweret’s Finale Originally

Actor May Calamawy reveals that she was given some very last-minute changes before filming Layla and Taweret’s meeting in Moon Knight episode 6. The series follows museum worker Steven Grant as he struggles with memory loss before realizing that he shares his body with someone else – Marc Spector. Moon Knight has introduced several new characters to the MCU canon, such as Arthur Harrow, Layla El-Faouly, and their interpretation of the Egyptian goddess of fertility and rejuvenation, Taweret.

The real-world history of Taweret dates back to around 3000 BC, where she is deeply respected as the protector of women and families. She is most often depicted with a hippopotamus head, the arms and paws of a lion, and the legs and tail of a crocodile. The MCU’s depiction of the Egyptian god Taweret made her first appearance in Moon Knight, voiced by Antonia Salib, though her on-screen appearance is handled by the VFX department. The actor recently shared a post showing how Taweret looks pre-editing, with a sculpted head attached to a pole towering over the actors and Salib nearby providing her voice.

This was the same process intended to be used for Layla and Taweret’s first meeting, but Moon Knight episode 6 director Mohamed Diab had a different idea. Calamawy told TheWrap that he decided a face-to-face meeting didn’t quite fit what he was going for, and instead asked Calamawy to perform both roles as if possessed. Just half an hour before filming, Diab approached her to tell her of his change of plans, and with no time to prepare, Calamawy managed to pull off the scene, jumping back and forth between Layla and Taweret discussing the terms of being an avatar.

Layla’s reluctance to become an avatar for any god is understandable, especially after Marc fought so vehemently so she would never have to. Although, after accepting Taweret’s offer, she quickly flourishes. The Egyptian god lends Layla superhuman strength, endurance, and agility, along with divine armor that can deflect bullets and magic, turning her into the MCU’s Scarlet Scarab. While Layla was very insistent on being a temporary avatar to help save the world, there’s nothing on screen to suggest that Taweret leaves, hinting that the pair might have future adventures together. Several avatars have been temporarily possessed, as in Moon Knight episode 3, when Marc and Khonshu are called to a meeting with the other gods. However, a possession like Layla’s seems uncommon, as Khonshu is most often seen following Marc and Steven around. That being said, Calamawy’s performance as both Layla and Taweret has been praised by fans as one of the finale’s highlights, and it seems almost impossible to imagine Moon Knight without it.

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