Missed Opportunity Are My Parents To Blame

Parent’s have undying love for their babies which grows stronger and stronger each and every day. The infancy months where four hourly feeds are followed by the hand aching task of burping baby. Dribbles of milk flow through your fingers as the infant rests his/her weary scrunched up face in the palm of your hand fighting off the land of nod. What is baby thinking? As he/she loses the battle to stay awake.

Then we have the nightmare months of the toddler years where mum and dad need eyes in the back of their heads. It is at this time we teach the toddler to walk/talk, and when they do we tell them to shut up and sit down.

It only takes a second for baby to scale the stairs, and then it is panic stations while you negotiate and try to convince the child to stay put till you manage to reach out for them. What a relief when you have them safe in your arms smothering them with affection while you chastise them at the same time. What is the child thinking? Being loved and shouted at, at the same time.

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We have the first day of school where many a mothers’ heart is broken leaving their child behind. Some children adapt easily to their new school and we have the ones that don’t. Thus making it harder for mummy/daddy to leave as teacher tries coaxing the screaming child tugging at the apron strings. What is the child thinking?

Teenage tantrums have to be controlled and the best person for the job is the parent. We are there to lend a shoulder to cry on all because they can not have Justin Timberlake or Brittany Spears on their arm. Then as parents we struggle with Once upon a time there were the birds and the bees. Parents are the first to see danger signs. Whether it be the wrong choice in boy/girlfriend or maybe the people they hang out with. so when they receive a clip around the ear for doing something they felt was right and mum and dad didn’t, then what was that child thinking?

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The wedding ring exchange between your child and their partner tells you the parent it is time to let go now they have all grown up. But do we ? I don’t think so. Whatever the age of your kids you will find they will always be your babies.

What were those children thinking? Well let me tell you, mum and dad it because they cared. Want to know what the married kids were thinking? Well I think you may have guessed that one yourself. So you see as protective and caring parents we could not let go if we wanted too because someone has to look after the grandchildren.

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It is cruel world out there and in some sad cases children have lost their parents to illness or misfortunate events and have no one to point them in the right direction. If you want to help your kids then further their education. This way they have a chance to get on in life. An educational background works wonders in the career world. You can find more information about online education on the internet. Don’t have your kids thinking they missed out on an opportunity because mum and dad chose not care anymore.