Midnight Mass Director’s Poe Series Finds Frank Langella

Midnight Mass director Mike Flanagan has found a replacement for Frank Langella in The Fall of the House of Usher. The Netflix series is a modern retelling of the Edgar All Poe short story that will incorporate several of Poe’s other works into its plot. Langella left the House of Usher after a misconduct investigation into his onset behavior, which involved allegedly making an inappropriate joke to a female co-star. This left the pivotal role of Roderick Usher, the titular family’s domineering patriarch, open for the taking with over half the series already filmed.

Greenwood is currently starring in the Fox medical drama The Resident, now in its 5th season, and has over 150 credits to his name, including Thirteen Days, I, Robot, Star Trek (2009), and The People v. OJ: American Crime Story. Even if Greenwood isn’t necessarily a household name, chances are likely that audiences have seen him in something.

Flanagan often works with the same actors. His previous films and limited series such as The Haunting of Hill House, Bly Manor, and Midnight Mass frequently pull from the same pool of performers. Greenwood is no exception, having appeared in past Flanagan projects. He played Gerald in Gerald’s Game and had a minor role in Doctor Sleep. Greenwood joins Mary McDonnell, Carl Lumbly, Mark Hamill, and Carla Gugino in the latest dark offering from the Midnight Mass mastermind.

Marvel Makes A Dark Knight Movie Moment

Marvel’s latest Punisher adventure makes a famous Batman moment even more horrific, as his new enemies have finally beaten the Joker at his own game. The Clown Prince of Crime is known throughout the DC Universe as one of the most sadistic and psychopathic villains in Gotham City (and perhaps even the rest of the DC Universe). But Punisher #2 reveals a trick that not even the Joker could perform: inspire loyalty in his men. In the new Punisher series, Frank Castle has traded in his trademark skull logo for a more demonic horned symbol, signifying his allegiance to the Hand. The Priestess of the Hand has been watching Frank Castle for years, observing his skills with all manner of weapons and his propensity for violence and murder. As the new leader of the Hand, the Punisher is now in command of soldiers of his own (though he prefers to do the killing himself). He also has new enemies: the Apostles.

Introduced in the cold open during the first issue, the Apostles are a group of arms dealers who practically revere their profession and war itself (they routinely exchange greetings while clad in golden Greek helmets, saying “Bless the war”). The Apostles seek to form an alliance with Frank Castle, sending one of their number to the Hand’s headquarters. But the Punisher uses his newly-gifted ability to see the Apostles’ true intentions: the proliferation of war all over the world, in Ares’ name. Found out, the messenger Apostle draws a gun – concealed inside his body – and attempts to assassinate the Punisher with a cry of “Bless the war.” In The Dark Knight just before the climax of the film, the Joker triggers a remote detonator which detonates an explosive placed in one of the villain’s henchmen. The henchman is clearly in pain and delusional, suggesting the explosive was implanted under extreme duress. This Apostle, by comparison, smuggled a weapon inside his body and willfully dug it out. He was perfectly willing to mutilate his own body and almost certainly die in order to complete his mission. The Joker’s henchmen are lunatics, but the Joker’s insanity and brutality isn’t matched by his men. Meanwhile, the Apostles are true zealots, committed to the cause.

The Punisher’s newest enemies won’t go down without a fight, and he can’t use fear or terror tactics to intimidate them. The Apostle that smuggled a gun inside his own body is just the beginning, and no doubt Ares’ men have their own supernatural tricks up their sleeve. While the Joker is capable of horrifying atrocities, the Punisher’s latest enemies are willing to sacrifice their own lives to take him down.