MCU’s Thunderbolts Movie Confirmed, Will End Marvel’s Phase 5

MCU movie was in development, Marvel confirmed at SDCC that the team will be making its way to live-action. Marvel Studios returned to Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con and revealed a slew of new information including exciting news about their upcoming Thunderbolts project. Thunderbolts is just one of the many new teams that are beginning to form in Marvel’s Phase 4, but this group seems to have made the most progress so far. Julia Louis Dreyfus’ Contessa has been slowly gathering a roster of villains and antiheroes, as teased in shows like The Falcon and the Winter Soldier with U.S. Agent and the post-credits stinger 0f Black Widow with Yelena Belova.

Confirming that the seeds of the Thunderbolts have already been germinating, reports emerged earlier this summer that Marvel was officially in development on a Thunderbolts project. Nothing else was revealed about the film, including who would be on the titular team or when it would be released. That’s all changed now.

Movie Before Thunderbolts The new Black Widow Yelena is a character with deep roots in the MCU who could have a more interesting story in a solo movie than in Thunderbolts. The MCU’s new Black Widow Yelena deserves her own solo movie before her potential return in Thunderbolts. The adoptive sister of Natasha Romanoff, Yelena has quickly become one of the franchise’s most dynamic characters. In the earliest Black Widow scenes, she displays her fighting prowess and training that keeps her focused on her mission, always. She goes on to find Natasha after years of not speaking to her. Natasha assumed Yelena had gotten out of the black widows successfully and was living a normal life. Yelena, as it turns out, has been a trained killer for years before defecting from the Red Room thanks to a widow who freed her. In an affecting arc, she spends her time trying to save as many black widows as she can, eventually with the assistance of her family.

Black Widow’s end credits scene, Yelena visits Natasha’s grave only to be confronted by Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, asking her to kill Clint Barton. Yelena next appears in Hawkeye, where viewers learn that she was blipped while trying to save more black widows. In the show, she befriends Kate Bishop and has some hilarious banter, establishing her as a fully-fleshed-out character, one arguably even more charming than Natasha. She does try to kill Hawkeye, avenging her sister in her eyes, before he explains to her that Natasha’s death was her own choice. In the end, Yelena forces herself to back off, which is the last time she’s seen in the MCU. Now, with a Thunderbolts movie in the works and Yelena a part of that team in the comics, many believe that will be her next appearance in the franchise.

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Yelena’s been through up to this point as a character and the way she stood out in Black Widow and Hawkeye, she deserves a solo movie first. It’s also worth keeping in mind that Florence Pugh is one of the biggest names in the MCU (which will only grow after high-profile projects like Don’t Worry Darling). It seems like a waste to not capitalize on her star power. A solo project starring Pugh as Yelena could also create more opportunities to delve into her character’s grief over Natasha’s death and the way their relationship affected her. This was arguably the most emotionally-impactful part of Hawkeye, even though her story wasn’t the primary focus of the show.

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Marvel Studios offered a Thunderbolts update at SDCC, revealing that the movie will end Marvel’s Phase 5. The studio also announced that Thunderbolts will hit theaters on July 26, 2024, just before Fantastic Four kicks off Phase 6’s theatrical side that November. Marvel revealed nothing else about the film. Fortunately, certain things can be gleaned from the direction in which Phase 4 has been heading. It seems that Marvel may use Thunderbolts to connect its burgeoning streaming branch with its longstanding theatrical side. Most of the potential Thunderbolts characters have been introduced or fleshed out in Disney+ shows.