Matrix Resurrections’ The One Retcon Explained

The Matrix trilogy presents Neo as The One, the destined savior of mankind, but The Matrix Resurrections turns that on its head by adding Trinity.

Neo’s status as The One in The Matrix universe is thrown into question by The Matrix Resurrections, which makes Trinity part of The One as well. At the start of The Matrix franchise, Neo believes himself to be a simple computer hacker named Thomas Anderson. That is until his encounters with Trinity and Morpheus end with Thomas taking the red pill option, revealing to him the full reality of the artificial digital world that he and the rest of humanity have been consigned to live within.

According to Morpheus, the arrival of The One, a human born within the matrix that possessed superpowers enabling them to remake the world at will, had been prophesied by The Oracle, and that person was Neo. The One was destined to bring down the matrix, end the war between mankind and machines, and deliver freedom unto humanity. Of course, it wasn’t nearly that simple. Neo was actually the sixth One, and the war had been going on for hundreds of years. The One was an intentionally created anomaly within the matrix that’s ultimate purpose was to head to the Source and choose to reboot the prime program, essentially factory resetting the matrix and erasing all the anomalies that had appeared in its code since the last One did the same. note: Spider-Man: Far From Home 2019 Ganzer Film auf Deutsch

Neo proved different though, opting to save Trinity’s life instead of taking the usual deal, in which Zion is destroyed and a small group of humans is selected to begin the cycle anew. After doing this, Neo makes a bargain with the machines to take down renegade program Agent Smith that would both save Zion and reboot the matrix. He seemingly dies doing this, but as The Matrix Resurrections revealed, the machines somehow kept both him and Trinity alive and reinserted them into the matrix. By the end, both seem to now have the powers of The One though, which runs counter to the entire history of the concept.

The Matrix Resurrections Makes Trinity & Neo Both The One

If there was one overall driving theme of The Matrix trilogy, it was that Neo (Keanu Reeves) truly was “The One,” the foretold savior that would signal the dawning of a new era in the conflict between human and machine. Of course, it turned out that Neo was the sixth One, as mentioned above. Still, he was indeed special, even more so than the prior Ones, thanks to his rejection of the status quo that had been repeating between the machines and humans for hundreds of years.

The things Neo could do inside the matrix were unique, unlike anyone else of his generation. That was until The Matrix Resurrections, which bestowed the powers of The One onto Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss). Together, the duo hopes to reshape the matrix for the better, freeing those they can and improving the lives of those they can’t. There’s no Morpheus – at least not as a human – and no Oracle to layout a prophecy foretelling this outcome, but the proof is found in how Neo and Trinity easily slap around The Analyst at the end of the movie. note: Spider-Man: No Way Home 2021 Ganzer Film auf Deutsch

Matrix Resurrections Suggests Trinity Was Always Part Of The One

So on the surface, changing from a sole One to a duo of “Ones” seems like a clear retcon of the original Matrix trilogy made by The Matrix Resurrections, and co-writer/director Lana Wachowski. However, if The Analyst (Neil Patrick Harris) is to be believed, the machines didn’t bring Neo and Trinity back from death and reinsert them into the matrix because either of them was special on their own. Instead, The Analyst asserts that it’s the combination of the two that’s truly extraordinary.

The machines discovered that by putting Neo and Trinity back into the matrix together, but keeping them from fully reuniting and rediscovering their love, a massive amount of energy was generated. This made the combination of Neo and Trinity into the ultimate human battery pack, albeit with the risk that if they ever did remember who they truly were and reform their union, it could spell disaster. Sure enough, once Trinity is awakened, she and Neo become nearly unstoppable, with Trinity flying and displaying the full powers of The One first. That might seem odd, but when looking back on the Matrix trilogy, Trinity was always there to serve as a driving force for Neo.

Does Trinity Being Part Of The One Fit With The Original Matrix Movies?

As much as Neo being The One has always seemed certain prior to The Matrix Resurrections, the notion that Trinity was also part of the phenomenon makes a lot of sense. Most notable is the moment when Neo, seemingly dead, suddenly revives after Trinity kisses him and confesses that she’s fallen in love with him. The fact that Neo’s full powers as The One don’t become apparent until after he’s bolstered by Trinity’s love feeds right into The Analyst’s assertion that neither is special without the other. note: Spider-Man: Homecoming 2017 Ganzer Film auf Deutsch

Even before that though, it’s meeting Trinity in a nightclub that truly puts Neo on the path to meeting Morpheus, taking the red pill, and waking up from his artificial existence. It’s also not until after Trinity’s apparent death in The Matrix Revolutions that Neo is able to broker peace between the machines and humanity, as well as take down the rampaging Agent Smith. His grief and anger help propel him along toward those goals, and since Trinity was later somehow revived, perhaps she wasn’t fully dead to begin with.

Why Trinity Being Part Of The One Is Good For The Matrix

With the exception of Morpheus, who it would make no sense to be part of The One, Neo and Trinity are the most recognizable and beloved characters in The Matrix franchise. Yet, in past movies, Trinity always had to take a backseat to Neo at the end of the day, due to Neo’s status as The One. Both the Trinity character and Carrie-Anne Moss herself deserved a bigger share of the Matrix spotlight, and by joining the two characters as a united One in The Matrix Resurrections, Trinity finally stands beside her man, not behind him. It’s an overdue move, and thanks to the chemistry between Neo and Trinity, feels like an organic step to take.