Massimo Really Cheat On Laura In 365 Days 2

The 365 Days sequel 365 Days: This Day appears to feature Massimo cheating on the franchise’s heroine Laura, but there’s more to the story. 365 Days didn’t need explosive plot twists or surprising story revelations to succeed. The controversial erotic thriller became a viral Netflix hit thanks to its frequent explicit sex scenes, meaning Netflix’s 365 Days adaptation didn’t need to add convoluted plotting to the already far-fetched story of a smoldering mafioso, Massimo, taking a woman, Laura, hostage and forcing her to fall in love with him.

This has not stopped the movie’s sequel, 365 Days: This Day, from adding a string of absurd twists into the franchise’s narrative. Like Netflix’s earlier twisty erotic thrillers, 365 Days: This Day features some story contrivances that don’t really add up upon a rewatch but make for an undeniably eventful sequel. The first of these big shocks is the revelation that Michele Morrone’s Massimo, despite being madly in love with Laura, seemingly cheats on her with his ex Anna at a party early on in 365 Days: This Day. Even though the 365 Days franchise centered its entire premise on Massimo’s relentless, obsessive, and technically criminal pursuit of Laura, 365 Days: This Day features a party scene wherein Laura spies Massimo getting cozy with Anna while he doesn’t know she’s watching. This prompts Laura to run away with her hunky gardener Nacho (later revealed to secretly be the son of a rival mafia don), but could it really be the case? Did Massimo actually cheat on Laura? No, Massimo’s hitherto-unmentioned identical twin brother Adriano is the one at the party, as 365 Days: This Day’s twist ending reveals, thus clearing Massimo’s good name.

Massimo is still a mafia boss and still guilty of kidnapping, coercion, and a host of other criminal charges, but viewers can rest assured that he is no cheater. The sequel justifies Massimo never mentioning his own identical twin brother to his wife because he doesn’t get along with him, but 365 Days: This Day doesn’t strain itself to explain why none of Massimo’s friends, colleagues, employees, or relations ever so much as alluded to Adriano’s existence. This makes it much easier for Adriano to take Anna hostage at the end of the movie, prompting another big twist for the sequel and taking the 365 Days franchise from its erotic thriller origins and into M. Night Shyamalan-worthy silliness. Not only is Adriano allied with Massimo’s ex Anna, but he’s also working with Nacho’s rival mafioso father who wants to replace Massimo with his evil twin as the head of the family’s crime syndicate. This was why Nacho’s father engineered Laura’s car crash at the end of 365 Days, and it is why 365 Days: This Day ends with Massimo, Laura, Nacho, Anna, and Adriano in a stalemate. Whether Laura survives the stray bullet that she catches in this ending will not be clear until 365 Days: This Day’s sequel is released, but until then, 365 Days franchise fans can at least take solace in the fact that her husband never cheated on her.

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