Marvel May Have Spoiled Hulk’s New Bruce

A foreboding line from Hulk during his new battle with Thor is teasing that the Marvel Comics is teasing a huge twist about Bruce Banner’s new Hulk status in the latest issue of Thor. While the Jade Giant and God of Thunder are currently duking it out in a battle the likes of which has never been seen, Hulk and Thor’s Banner of War event is also unveiling the truth behind Banner’s bizarre new form as the Starship Hulk which has put Bruce more in control over the Hulk following a devastating event in Texas. However, a new development suggests that Hulk’s new status is even darker than fans have thus far been led to believe.

Rather than being revealed in Banner’s own Hulk series by writer Donny Cates, this major secret is being hinted at in Thor #25. As Thor confirmed in the previous Hulk vs Thor: Banner of War Alpha #1, it’s widely believed that Hulk went on a killing spree and killed 17 people in El Paso, Texas. While the Avengers wanted to bring him in to face justice, Banner underwent a major restructuring of his entire psyche before escaping into a pocket dimension, upgrading Hulk’s body with technology and turning him into a starship where Bruce is in charge, captaining the Hulk’s rage in his own mental manifestation of a ship’s bridge. While the spirit of Thor’s father Odin enters Bruce’s mind in this new issue to get answers, they’re even more bizarre than the Starship Hulk. Although Banner and Hulk had been resolved to work together to save the world, the events of El Paso changed everything. Rather than Banner turning into the Hulk, something changed within Banner where he was infecting those near him with gamma radiation, giving them Hulk-like rage of their own. To make matters worse, Bruce was the one who killed the 17 in El Paso instead of the Hulk, becoming helpless as something new and far darker took over his body. While this is what apparently motivated Banner to build the new Starship Hulk form to keep this mysterious darkness under control, Thor #25 ends with yet another large twist: some part of Banner thinks he’s in a simulation, not knowing that he’s actually experiencing reality. The issue is written by Donny Cates with art by Martin Cóccolo, as the Banner of War event’s next chapter.

Hulk or this new dark force within Banner, neither is good as it relates to the arrival of Tony Stark in a Celestial-sized and equally powerful Iron Man armor. Considering the high-tech helmet Hulk has been wearing, it could be part of an ongoing facade where part of him has been led to think he’s in a virtual environment. As such, he might not hold back against Iron Man (or Thor for that matter), something that has never been the Hulk’s strong suit to begin with. It should also be noted that the means by which Banner restructured his psyche involved powerful magic, an uncommon practice for a scientist like Banner which has mystified both Doctor Strange and now Odin himself. The fact that Banner turning Hulk into a spaceship will soon be the least interesting thing about his new form is astounding. It seems as though a combination of science, magic and a fragile wall of deception have all been used to control the Hulk. How far will the Jade Giant go if he thinks he’s in a virtual space presumedly devoid of consequences? Here’s to hoping the exact nature of the Hulk’s new form will be fleshed out more in his own series beyond this surprising new issue of Marvel’s Thor.

Mike Myers Would Love to Make A New Shrek Movie

Mike Myers has revealed that he’d be “thrilled” to make more films for the Shrek franchise. Though the 58-year-old actor is perhaps best recognized for his Emmy Award-winning work on SNL, as well as his starring roles in the Wayne’s World and Austin Powers franchises, he has also provided the voice of the titular animated ogre since 2001. His more recent work includes the new Netflix comedy series The Pentaverate, in which he portrays a number of different characters.

Launching in 2001 to become one of the highest-grossing films of that year with an impressive $487.9 million from a budget of $60 million, Shrek also become the first recipient of the Oscar for Best Animated Feature. Since then, the franchise has gone on to unleash a further three films, in addition to the spin-off feature Puss in Boots, and a number of short films. Providing the voice of the iconic Scottish ogre since the first instalment, Myers’ co-stars Eddie Murphy and Cameron Diaz have also faithfully returned to reprise the roles of Donkey and Fiona since 2001. with GQ, Myers has revealed his willingness to return to the Shrek franchise. Admitting that he “loved” playing the beloved animated character, Myers said that he felt an affinity with Shrek because of the theme of self-acceptance in the films. I loved the idea of taking a fairy tale and turning it on its head, and having it be that all the traditional bad guys are good guys, and all the traditional good guys are bad guys. And I realized it’s a dramatic role. I mean, halfway through I went, ‘There’s an emotional center here.’ You know the old joke, ‘I wouldn’t want to be a member of a club that would have me as a member’? I have always felt that way. The concept of going from a self-loathing ogre to a self-accepting ogre was meaningful to me. I love playing Shrek. If I had to do one Shrek a year, I’d be thrilled.

DreamWorks, the Shrek franchise served as the studio’s platform into global renown. Though the last major instalment, Shrek Forever After, released in 2010 to comparatively less success than its predecessors, the franchise remains the studio’s most profitable, with Shrek 2 grossing around $928 million. While a fifth film was rumoured to be in the works as of 2016, news on the project has since fallen silent with focus shifting to the upcoming spin-off sequel, Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, starring Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek. Gearing up to premiere in September 2022, the release of Puss in Boots 2 could allow for return to Shrek 5 idea. After nearly 12 years since the release of Shrek Forever After, fans will be reassured to know that the franchise’s beloved main star remains keen to return, presumably alongside the likes of Banderas. Though it remains to be seen if Murphy and Diaz would be equally as enthused to return, particularly after the former announced her retirement, it’s possible that the studio hopes to take the franchise in a different direction. Still, with Puss in Boots 2 potentially creating other narrative avenues to explore, it’s possible that the Shrek films will receive a new lease of life in coming years, much to the delight of Myers and the fanbase.

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