Martha Lewis’ Way of a Healthy Diet

Martha Lewis (mention her real name), 22 years old, recently graduated from an Ivy League university, is now preparing to dive into the real world. After getting good grades and earning his degree, he feels that he now has what it takes to make a name for himself in the corporate world. Fluent in Spanish and French, he felt confident to stand out and be noticed by the rulers.

However, she knew that her academic achievements could not make up for her “aesthetic flaws”. Martha actually thought he was too fat, not good-looking, and not very good fashion sense. He is also worried about being the “object” of office gossip and behind-the-scenes jokes. For years, she had been secretly afraid of being “Ugly Betty” in real life.

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After getting a job offer from a Fortune 500 company, Martha frantically goes on a diet, or rather, she starves herself. Without getting medical advice or the services of a dietician-nutritionist, Martha tried to lose weight living off of water and soda crackers — for almost two weeks. Soon he was rushed to the hospital due to severe dehydration and starvation. He was thin – and sick.

Like Martha, many women go on a diet without the supervision of a health professional. Many starve themselves without even first getting the right information about a scientific and safe diet. In some extreme cases, women fall into the “beauty trap” and then find themselves struggling with anorexia or bulimia – or both.

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To help women who are figure conscious and who are equally committed to improving their health, it may be worth reading a brief description of popular and safe diet programs:

Points Diet – You can take any type of food because you do not exceed the allowed intake (points) for each day. Each type of food is given equal points on calorie intake. This diet is very suitable for vegetarians. However, weight loss usually takes time when one follows this diet.

Atkins Diet – This is a low-carb diet that focuses on reducing sugar, flour, and corn syrup in daily food consumption. Nausea, headaches and fainting during the early stages of following the diet can be expected. These symptoms occur due to the body’s adjustment to the loss of carbohydrates.

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Low & No Sugar Diet – This diet prohibits the consumption of “unhealthy” foods with high sugar content. This diet is based on the fact that most Americans eat sugary and starchy foods that have little or no nutritional value. These foods also contribute a lot to weight and fat gain.

South Beach Diet – This is a popular “low carb” diet but recommends consuming unsaturated fats and good carbohydrates. This is a balanced and healthy diet program. The diet does not involve counting calories. On the other hand, these diets can be expensive and time consuming to prepare.

U.S. Department of Health actually have a Food Pyramid system that serves as a guideline on how much a person should eat a certain food group. The food groups located at the top of the pyramid should be consumed the least while the food groups at the bottom of the pyramid should be part of a person’s daily food consumption. The Food Pyramid is divided into the following four sections that tell you which foods you should eat more of and which foods you should eat less of:

l Upper Level – fat, oil, sugar and salt (eat least)

l Second Level – eggs, milk, beef, pork, fish (eat in moderation)

l Third Level – vegetables and fruits

l Final Level – rice, noodles, cereal and bread

There are many diet plans out there but it is important to have complete and accurate information regarding your health and safety. There are some people who respond better when their diet is supplemented by a regular exercise program and the use of doctor-approved rapid weight loss pills. Unlike Martha, women have to go on a diet primarily for health reasons and not just to get a slim and sexy body. After all, having an attractive figure does not necessarily make a person healthy. Having a balanced and well-informed view of weight loss and fitness is sure to make a woman beautiful, inside and out.