Marry Me Movie Love Story of an Idol and Ordinary People

Kat Valdez (Jennifer Lopez) is a super-duper-mega-star who is engaged to famous singer Bastian (Maluma). Like superstars, every aspect of their lives is an event that must be captured, including their wedding which will be held in concert and broadcast around the world. It is said that 20 million people are ready to watch the wedding of the two stars.

On the night of the concert, before Kat and Bastian sing their duet (which of course is called “Ti Si Ta (Marry Me) 2022“), bad news comes about Bastian. Page Six broadcasts a video of Bastian kissing assistant Kat. Since now is the age of everyone holding a smartphone, news spreads fast like a virus. Kat was already wearing a wedding dress when she saw the painful video. Then he did something unexpected.

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To save face and also because she couldn’t contain her disappointment, Kat pointed at a random onlooker who happened to be holding a sign saying “marry me” to actually marry him. Holding the board is Charlie Gilbert (Owen Wilson), a widower and math teacher who is completely clueless about Kat’s world. In front of millions of people they actually got married and of course the media immediately bombarded Kat with various questions. Is this just an action? Or is this the beginning of a true love story?

Adapted from the graphic novel of the same name by Bobby Crosby, Marry Me is a romantic comedy that knows from the start that it’s selling fantasy. From the start of the film until the end credits roll, this film is well aware that it is telling a story that is too ridiculous to be true. And that realization turned out to be what made Mary Me feel sincere.

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Director Kat Coiro beautifully shot Marry Me without being pretentious, although if you compare it to a romantic comedy with a similar premise (Notting Hill), Marry Me looks much more bling bling. If Notting Hill is much more low-key and records their love story with little warm moments, the scenes in Marry Me are all great. But in the context of this film it all makes sense because Kat Valdez is portrayed as a giant star.

Coiro depicts Valdez’s busy life realistically. Surrounded by assistants, managers, stylists, makeup artists, social media people and behind-the-scenes cameras, Kat Valdez’s world is very noisy. His life was never lonely and “stepped on the ground”. This very lively atmosphere then he contrasted with Charlie’s world which was very quiet. Not only is he a very humble math teacher, his life revolves around his only child, Lou (Chloe Coleman), his best friend Parker (Sarah Slverman) and his dog. When they inevitably have to enter their respective worlds, the changes are felt and the results are quite pleasant to see.

Marry Me certainly sells her story with the behind-the-scenes bling of mega-stars like Jennifer Lopez. And in this film the audience will indeed see moments such as concert preparations or red carpet scenes. But Marry Me actually feels more excited when she focuses on simple things like Kat and Charlie walking together or when Kat wants to accompany Charlie to be chaperone at the dance. It’s those simple moments that finally make Marry Me feel real, although there are not a few moments in this film that will make you roll your eyes.

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The success of Mary Me to be a fun spectacle can actually be seen from the two main characters. This is not the first time Jennifer Lopez has played in the romantic comedy genre, but here she can still sell this absurd love story with unstoppable sincerity. The result is that I as the audience finally join in the story even though this is a fantasy.

Jennifer Lopez’s bright charm is then balanced by Owen Wilson’s down-to-earth aura. Wilson knows very well how to attract the sympathy of the audience with a very good fatherly aura. Watching Charlie try to be attractive in the eyes of his only child who is in the phase of becoming an adult is enough to make me as an audience care about his character. Her figure so innocent ends up being a very good contrast when she finally has to step into the noisy world of Kat Valdez. But Charlie’s simplicity also turned out to be his great strength because he managed to make Kat Valdez feel things he had never felt. The chemistry of Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson who complemented each other finally made Marry Me a romantic comedy that couldn’t be missed. If you like movies like this, Marry Me will keep you smiling for two hours. Mary Me can be seen in all cinema chains.

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