Marriage Story (2019) The Best Movies And TV Series

Marriage Story (2019) the best movies and TV series are about the absolute worst marriages. “You hate me!” the husband in the brilliant film Marriage Story (2019) yells at his future ex-wife, who retorts, “You hate me!”

“I hate your face,” said one man in this year’s hilarious and touching comic book drama Together. The woman he lives with compares it to cancer and diarrhea.

And in this exciting new TV series, Scenes from a Marriage, a remake of Ingmar Bergman’s 1973 TV classic, the wife will leave the door for good. Shouting and pleading, her angry husband Jonathan (Oscar Isaac) says they should end their relationship “until we find a way to fix it”. Mira (Jessica Chastain) snapped back, “I’m not interested in you anymore, how do I fix it?”

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The powerful, howling cathartic arguments formed by the explosive show are the hallmark of this new 21st-century version of the screen version of toxic marriage. A clear and sharp look at broken relationships, it reflects an age when divorce was common and long-term relationships didn’t necessarily include marriage. And they often rely on how the balance of power between men and women has shifted, at least to some degree, towards equality. In Noah Baumbach’s eloquent and nuanced Marriage Story, his wife (Scarlett Johansson) leaves New York to fend for her own career in Los Angeles. A new scene from Marriage flips the genders of the Bergman series. This time it was the wife who cheated, not the husband. Gender exchange does not imply that women or men are to blame, only that films reflect society itself. It’s a TV series that reflects today’s society.