Make Short Films Better

Alternatives to Learning English by Making a Short Film

Learning English has many variations as long as we want to broaden our views and paradigms about the meaning of learning and learning activities. Learning is not just sitting on a bench in a row and listening to a teacher explain an understanding and take notes. Learning is not just sitting around reading a book and memorizing its contents. Learning is a dance in life that can be done in various ways as long as we are open and not fixated on a standard method that cannot be changed because it has become a dogma.

Learning is an art to understand something, and art requires freedom to be expressed in a form. Breaking free from a learning rule is the beginning where the pleasure of learning will begin and allows us to live with the word “learning” without seeing it as a compulsion but as a pleasure that will lead us to level after level of understanding and even enlightenment.

Nowadays it’s easy to express yourself through photos and films Miután elbuktunk teljes film ingyenes. Cameras are now not just for photographers and photographers like they were in the past. And even this convenience can be used as a means to learn and practice English.

What BBIM Friends can try is to learn and practice English with a group of friends by making a short film Toxikoma teljes film magyarul. The duration can be around 15-45 minutes.

This method may have been done by BBIM Friends in front of the class when learning English by role playing. Only now it can be made more seriously and with a little more complicated planning, but it can still be fun and increase enthusiasm for learning.

Making a short film 007 – Nincs idő meghalni also needs to pay attention to some things that look simple but important. Let’s learn so that the short films you make will be better for watching.

1. Eligible or Not?
From the beginning of the film before it is made, you must be able to predict whether the film will be accepted by the public or not. And need to ask yourself why this film should be watched later. One way to see if your film is worth watching or not possible is by showing the scenario you made to some friends for comments.
2. Budget
Never produce if you don’t have a budget. Remember, money also plays an important role in film Kampókéz (2021) teljes film ingyenes magyarul production, even short films. Production without a budget causes plans to be unpredictable. Especially if the available money is not sufficient for all needs. Your film might not be finished.

3. Approval of All Parties
Seek written approval from all crew, artists and parties involved in the filming process. Seems like this is simple to do in a short film. However, it is important that all parties involved are more responsible for what they do.

4. Duration
Well..don’t forget this one. The maximum length of short films A legjobb dolgokon bőgni kell (2021) teljes film is only 30 minutes. So if what you originally intended was to make a short film, then don’t make too many scenes so that the duration will be on target.

5. Casting
There is a possibility that your film will later star an amateur actress/actor. Moreover, the possibility for their short films are not paid for. But still, to get the character to your liking, casting is required. Avoid casting some time before shooting begins.

6. Sound System
Poor sound system in most short films (despite having an interesting story concept) makes it uncomfortable to watch. Use a sound support device such as a boom mike to get good results. If you don’t have it, buy it or borrow it.

7. Must be sure “Ready” when the shooting process takes place
You have to be absolutely sure that your film is well prepared for the shooting process. Check everything from dialogue frames, sound, lighting or whatever. Is it in accordance with the desired quality. Don’t even think about finishing everything in the post-production phase.

8. Reduce Zoom
If possible, avoid using zoom. For shooting from close range, you should use a dolly track, camera glider or you can also do a cut and shoot. This is solely to get maximum results.

9. Avoid Using Effects
Avoid redundant transitions like dissolves/wipes, and long credit titles. Think carefully, whether these things need to be displayed or not. Choose wisely if it’s not too much.

10. Avoid Night Filming
Darkness is the main enemy of the camera. So avoid shooting in a room with low light or outdoors at night if you don’t want your picture to be ugly later.

Nahhh.. that was 10 tips about things ha

Using Short Films to teach listening

Hearing English in real or authentic conversation, is not easy to find in the context of a small town like Cianjur.

The use of short films is very helpful for students who are not easy to find the authentic atmosphere of the English language being studied.

By using short films, students have the opportunity to see and hear the text in context. Movies are also part of the daily life of today’s students, when they are used to study, students find their daily closeness in learning.

Currently, there are many short films available on the internet. Using an animated short film with a duration of 3 minutes to introduce expressions, is more acceptable to students, than the same duration but actors/actresses (people).

Based on the interviews, the students admitted that they liked the use of short films especially for listening lessons rather than just using sound recordings.