List of Films Showing in Cinemas January 2022

Fans will be spoiled with a variety of interesting films in early 2022. A row of slick films will decorate the cinema for a whole month. Fans have been waiting for these films for a long time. The following is a list of films that will be released in January 2022:

1. Sing 2 (January 4)

Sing 2 movie produced by Illumination is the sequel to the first film Sing (2016). This film was nominated for the 2017 Golden Globes in the Best Original Song – Motion Picture category.

Sing 2 tells the story of Buster Moon and his friends preparing for a concert. Buster, who is aiming for a big prize, must fight for the attention of the famous mogul, Jimmy Crystal.

2. The Policeman’s Lineage (January 5)

The Policeman’s Lineage movie – Min-jae who is a policeman from generation to generation has been ordered to investigate Kang-yoon secretly, who is the ace team leader of investigation team. Min-jae is appointed as the member of Kang-yoon’s team. Min-jae has belief of “If the police do something illegal even it has been occurred during the process of investigation, he is also a criminal.” But while Min-jae investigates Kang-yoon, he begins to resemble Kang-yoon who has belief of “The chase of crime should be justified even it’s illegal.” Will Min-jae be able to clear his private mission and arrest Kang-yoon that he trusts and admires?

3. A Year-End Medley (January 1)

A Year-End Medley movie – A romantic comedy of a young man and woman that is told in the background of hotel ‘Emross’. It has stories of people who met each other at Hotel Emross during the New Year holidays. Each one has his own memory to relate and create relationships or just going nostalgic.

Hotelier Sojin, who hesitates to confess to her boyfriend for 15 years
‘Seunghyo’ announcing a super-fast surprise marriage with her girlfriend ‘Young-ju’ without knowing the speed of such exhaustion
Hotel representative ‘Yongjin’ who has everything but suffers from even-numbered obsessive-compulsive disorder
Housekeeper ‘Lee Young’, who gave up her dream of becoming a musical actress and jumped into the front line of life
Five years after failing the civil service exam, an unexpected wake-up call from a hotel guest ‘Jae-yong’, who has nothing to do with it.
Singer ‘Lee Kang’ and manager ‘Sang Hoon’, who are in their prime after a long obscurity, are about to hold their last concert together.
Hotel signboard doorman ‘Sang-gyu’, who happened to meet his first love ‘Catherine’ again after 40 years
Every Saturday at the hotel lounge, until the match-up man ‘Jinho’ waiting for a new relationship.

4. Feedback (January 5)

Feedback movie – A radio host is kidnapped on air and forced to tell secrets about his past.

I’ll give it back
Jarvis Dolan, who was once a popular star, is now forgotten.
He accepts the offer of a radio DJ with a sense of catching straw.
But after the first broadcast,
A stalker that he has liked for a long time appears and attacks a broadcasting station that is broadcasting live.

The film opens in South Korean Cinemas on January 5, 2022. After movie, Matrix 4 movie online and The King’ Man movie online.

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