Legends of Tomorrow Cast Unite in Throwback

The cast of Legends of Tomorrow strikes a pose in throwback set images following The CW’s recent cancellation of the Arrowverse drama. Over the last 10 years, The CW has been primarily known for its big slate of superhero and comic book TV shows set in the DC Universe. Starting with Arrow in 2012, the Green Arrow-centric drama was the first series to kickoff executive producer Greg Berlanti’s ever-expanding Arrowverse, which has become a major component of The CW’s programming. Following Arrow’s success, The CW began developing one spinoff after another for the next several years, with one of them being Legends of Tomorrow. Starting as an Arrow and The Flash spinoff show, Legends of Tomorrow focused on various heroes (as well as a few villains at times) in the Arrowverse being brought together to protect the timeline. Initially, Legends of Tomorrow was envisioned as an anthology series but ended up focusing on White Canary and her Waverider team, which changed throughout the seasons. After reaching over 100 episodes this year, Legends of Tomorrow season 7 ended up being the DC series’ final installment, as The CW cancelled it a few weeks ago.

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As members, writers, and fans of Legends of Tomorrow have shared their disappointment about The CW’s decision, its actor are still honoring the series. This past weekend, several stars of Legends of Tomorrow united in England for The Ultimates convention, where they greeted fans for panels and photo ops. Caity Lotz, who has portrayed Sara Lance since Arrow season 2 before headlining the Arrowverse spinoff, shared on her Instagram a little reunion with her co-stars. In the photos below, Lotz strikes a pose with Jes Macallan (Ava Sharpe,) Matt Ryan (John Constantine/Dr. Gwyn Davies,) Nick Zano (Nate Heywood,) Olivia Swann (Astra Logue,) and Nic Bishop (General Kilgore/Sheriff Levi Stapleton/Mike the Strike,) with the caption “Once a Legend ALWAYS a LEGEND!”

Legends of Tomorrow took on a life on its own with a significantly different structure and tone. One of the biggest elements of the time-traveling adventure was increased representation of people of color, as well as members of the LGBTQ+ community. This was also a big element for another Arrowverse series, Batwoman, which was cancelled alongside Legends of Tomorrow on the same day after three seasons. The only shows that have been renewed from the Arrowverse franchise at this point are The Flash and Superman & Lois. Even though Legends of Tomorrow and Batwoman characters can still appear on other Arrowverse shows, it would be up to the creative team on the remaining shows to find ways to bring them back. With The CW’s fate up in the air due to WarnerMedia and Paramount trying to sell the network, it’s unclear what the Arrowverse will look like in the coming years.

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