Learn To Know Herbs And Natural Medicines And Their Manufacturing Methods

Hello friends. Is there anyone out there who knows about herbs and natural remedies? I’m not a great expert but in fact I’ve picked up a few pointers over the years.

Take lavender! I love lavender. Lavender is very easy to grow and care for, thrives year after year, has a pleasant and calming aroma, is known to induce relaxation, and repel moths. I have a lavender plant on my kitchen windowsill and a lavender sachet in my cupboard.

There are many methods for learning about herbal gardening. I personally have many herbal gardening books on hand. You can exchange information with fellow gardeners or nursery salespeople as well. And don’t forget your parents. They have a lot of information about herbs and natural remedies.

A few days ago I told an elderly friend that my hair had lost its shine. “No problem,” he said. “Take one egg yolk, olive oil, juice of one lemon. Mix together in a bowl. Using your fingers or a dabbing brush, scrub or brush the mixture thoroughly into your scalp, around the hair roots, and into the hair. Wrap a towel around your hair for two hours, then rinse with warm water and shampoo as usual.”

I followed the instructions. Sure enough, my hair had a new shine and more body than it had in the old.

You can learn about natural remedies by improvising with things you find at home. Have you ever felt your face like an elastic mask? I did. I really needed something to soothe and moisturize my skin. Yogurt is the perfect solution. After dabbing a little on my face and letting it soak in, I feel and look twenty years younger. Natural medicine is my idea for fun!

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