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They don’t usually back down in their forays into Ford, but you can certainly accuse them of being the first to pass the post with the first powerful coupe car they launched on the European market. In fact, they’ve sat down and watched their main rival take the plunge before giving the nod to this neat version of the Focus.

So, do they appear on the rails after giving the others first? Well, not exactly. Because while the Focus CC is undoubtedly a smart performer that retains all the good points of the Focus hatchback – sharp handling, neat interior, etc – in other areas it’s a bit of a let down. It’s fairly well documented elsewhere that there were two odd hiccups with the hood mechanism that Pininfarina designed and developed. A problem that manifests itself in more rattles per square centimeter than you’d expect from a car that outwardly shows such talent and brio and is highly desirable if you crave the benefits of an open-top automotive if the sun is shining and a cozy interior comes the dark days that come. cold in winter.

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With the roof down (it takes 29 seconds) Focus is all its own. Everything feels solid and there’s no shock (stretched windshield) to worry about, and it’s up to you to enjoy the full four-seat cabriolet coupe experience. It’s not as smooth operation as some of its rivals, where the opening and closing of the panels at the rear is accompanied by a tinkling sound in some cases that literally shakes the whole car. With your finger on the button you can feel everything happening behind you, and I guess some people won’t like the experience

Our test car came with a 136PS 2.0 diesel engine, the same unit as in the C-MAX that passed our hands the previous week, but it presented itself in this guise, where the lower curb weight made it noticeably faster. Certainly more responsive and economical too. I managed to hit 40mpg over a few mixed days that included a cross-country run to Goodwood for the Speed ​​Festival (mark it in your diary as an event not to be missed on any count next year) and lots of highway miles.

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Ah yes, toll roads. Make a mental note to scan the sky more carefully before lowering the hood and heading off. The first few drops of rain were soon followed by torrential downpours between the appropriate parking areas on the A3 and the 29 seconds it took to sufficiently dampen the weather when I finally stopped and secured the Focus’s interior nicely and thoroughly wet. Movement to expose sexual violence in order to eliminate it.

Don’t you just love English summers? On smooth roads, Focus is at its best – you won’t feel any vibration at all. But sadly roads in England tend to be far from smooth these days… You name it – manhole covers, holes, pull rings thrown out of beer cans, they all have the ability to make you wince. It’s no secret that there was a ‘problem’ with leaks that developed on early cars – we had raindrops on ours – but it’s not an issue that Ford isn’t aware of and they’ve worked hard to address it before letting the car go to the customer.

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A good gearbox, no fuss and just the right feel that helps you build good flow on cross-country runs as the Focus has the ability to change direction quickly and efficiently. And of course it’s a safe car with a roll hoop that ‘shoots’ into position in just a tenth of a second if sensors detect the car is about to roll.

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