Korg the Kronan gives some more Origins Retcon His Best Ragnarok Joke

Korg the Kronan gives some more insight into his past and family in Thor: Love and Thunder, it contradicts a joke he made in Ragnarok. Korg the Kronan reveals more of his origins in Thor: Love and Thunder, the movie also retcons one of his best jokes from Thor: Ragnarok.

Played by director Taika Waititi, Korg became best friends with Thor after they met on Sakaar during the Grandmaster’s Contest of Champions. Since then, the warrior made of perishable rocks has been one of the God of Thunder’s most loyal allies – even though his history has now become somewhat confusing. During Thor: Ragnarok, Thor was taken prisoner by the Grandmaster after inadvertently landing on the catch-all world of Sakaar. It was here that Thor met Korg, a fellow prisoner made to fight in the Contest, with Korg effectively serving as a replacement for the Warriors Three.

The Kronan introduced himself and Miek, a Sakaaran insectoid warrior with knives for hands. When Thor asked Korg how he ended up as the Grandmaster’s prisoner, Korg hilariously claimed that he had tried to start a revolution but “didn’t print enough pamphlets.” As a result, the only ones to show up were his mother and her boyfriend (whom Korg hates). It’s a hilarious introduction to Taika Waititi’s Korg, who quickly became a beloved part of the Thor-mythos.

The battle with Gorr in Thor: Love and Thunder set the stage for numerous Marvel Comics characters to join the MCU in future movies and shows. The battle with Gorr the God Butcher in Thor: Love & Thunder set up a multitude of characters to join the MCU. Like the Phase 4 movies before it, the fourth installment in the Thor franchise laid the groundwork for more stories from Marvel Comics to be told in the years to come. Its contributions to the Marvel mythos could be relevant to the MCU through the remainder of Phase 4 and will most likely extend deep into Phase 5 as well.

During the Infinity Saga, there was a sense that the Asgardians were the only mythological deities who existed as real people in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, Disney+’s Moon Knight show and Marvel’s plans for Thor: Love and Thunder proved that this was never the case. The MCU is actually home to an untold number of pantheons that go far beyond Norse mythology. Shortly after introducing the Egyptian gods in Moon Knight, Marvel greatly deepened its lineup of gods with Thor: Love and Thunder by introducing a villain bent on killing every divine being in the universe. Thor’s visit to Omnipotent City, which was made in an effort to stop Gorr, allowed Marvel to provide audiences with a small taste of the different gods that populate Marvel’s world. Thor: Love and Thunder will never be more than Easter eggs, whereas others could be of great importance to the stories ahead. Gradually, Marvel’s upcoming movies and shows can use Thor 4’s setup to add even more heroes and villains to the MCU’s stable of characters.

Thor: Love and Thunder, a new reveal about Korg’s parents completely ignores the pamphlet joke from Ragnarok. While speaking with Tessa Thompson’s King Valkyrie, Korg reveals that he was born to two fathers who held hands in a river of lava. While this is more accurate to the comics with Kronans canonically being an all-male species, it contradicts the line about Korg having a mother. As such, it looks as though one of Korg’s best jokes from the first time he met Thor has been effectively retconned to give him (and his species) more accuracy in regards to their Marvel comics counterparts.

Waititi without knowing the full details about Kronans, it seems more clarity could have easily been provided in this instance. Korg, for example, could have been adopted by a mother of a different species later on. Yet, at the moment, Korg now has two origin stories in the MCU that clash. That being said, Thor: Love and Thunder’s ending sees Korg in a relationship with a fellow Kronan (named Dwayne) who also make a child together by standing in a river of lava. As a result, it certainly seems as though the Korg having two fathers is the origin the MCU is going with moving forward. New accuracy to the pre-established comics canon is a good thing. The problem, however, is that the MCU’s latest comic-accurate execution has come at the expense of creating confusion with what was said by Korg in Thor: Ragnarok. While that could have been easily remedied with a single added line in Thor: Love and Thunder.

Thor: Love and Thunder is Hercules. Played by Brett Goldstein, the Lion of Olympus made his MCU debut in the movie’s mid-credits scene. Dressed in an outfit that was nearly identical to his classic comic book costume from the 1960s and 1970s, Hercules was seen sporting his trademark mace from the comics. Right before his reveal, Zeus was heard tasking Hercules with a mission to take down Thor. This implies that Hercules will be a villain in Thor 5, but those familiar with his comic history will naturally expect him to eventually reject Zeus’ orders and team up with Thor instead.