Knight’s Batman Is Giving Old Man Logan A Money

DC Comics’ White Knight universe, Bruce Wayne has essentially become Old Man Wayne with a new Batsuit, mirroring Marvel’s Old Man Logan. Set in Sean Murphy’s White Knight universe, Batman is giving Wolverine’s Old Man Logan a run for his money, gaining a new Batsuit and style that effectively makes him an impressive “Old Man Wayne.” Not only do White Knight and Old Man Logan both take place in alternate universes set in the future, but the trajectory of Bruce Wayne’s life in White Knight is very similar to Logan’s. While it might not be as dystopian, it’s certainly just as complex. Now, a new preview is teasing that Bruce will become a different kind of Batman in face of the new Dark Knight who’s risen in Gotham.

Previously in Sean Murphy’s Beyond the White Knight, it’s been revealed that Derek Powers has taken over Gotham and Wayne Enterprises while Bruce Wayne has been in prison following his public unmasking and later incarceration. Flipping the expected script, Powers has recruited a young man named Terry McGinnis, hiring him to steal and wear the high-tech Batman Beyond suit that was so dangerous Bruce never wore it himself. However, McGinnis roaming Gotham and doing Powers’ bidding has motivated Bruce to break out and put a stop to it.

On the run as a fugitive and making it to the home of White Knight’s version of Harley Quinn, it’s revealed that Bruce and Quinn are actually married in the new preview for Beyond the White Knight #3. While they’ve certainly expressed romantic feelings in previous White Knight chapters, Harley convinced Bruce to marry her out of necessity. Having spousal privilege, Quinn didn’t have to testify during Wayne’s trial, which would have extended his sentence. It also looks as though she’s been holding onto a new Batsuit for Bruce, which is featured in the new cover art as well. The addition of the hood instead of a cowl is a particularly nice touch, showcasing his age and experience over the new Batman he’ll soon be hunting while also highlighting that he no longer needs a mask. Combined with an AI of Joker’s Jack Napier inside his head while being married to Harley Quinn, it’s evident that White Knight’s Batman has as much complexity as Wolverine in Old Man Logan. Faced with a world where nearly every superhero has been killed in a massive supervillain takeover, Old Man Logan triedsto keep his head down and accept his fate, attempting to remain anonymous while he cares for his family. However, he eventually has no choice but to fight once more, killing the Hulk Gang who killed his loved ones while choosing to raise the youngest Hulk child in the aftermath. In a similar vein, “Old Man Wayne” can no longer stand by and accept his fate in prison, similarly joining the fight once more.

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It’s going to be exciting to see Bruce Wayne’s new Batsuit in action, especially with issue synopsis teasing Bruce’s search for Jack and Harley’s kidnapped daughter. At any rate, the new look for the original Batman is the perfect answer to Terry McGinnis and the Batman Beyond suit. Looking way less high-tech, perhaps old school will win the day in the full Beyond the White Knight #3 releasing on May 24 as Batman mirrors Marvel’s Old Man Logan.