Killmonger Becomes Shuri’s Mentor in Wakanda Forever?

Killmonger Becomes Shuri’s Mentor in Wakanda Forever?

The film Black Panther: Wakanda Forever later seems to be introducing a new Black Panther in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This can happen because the character T’Challa from the late Chadwick Boseman will be told to die at the beginning of the film. So like it or not, the people around him must continue all their struggles for the survival of Wakanda. Based on what was seen in the latest trailer, it was finally revealed that in the film there would indeed be a ‘female version’ of Black Panther.

Many fans believe that the figure behind the new Black Panther costume is T’Challa’s sister, Shuri (Letitia Wright). Now the question is, how did Shuri become the Black Panther? Who will be his mentor? Shuri herself also most likely had a similar question in her heart. Where this has the potential to lead to a figure who is rumored to be returning in the Black Panther 2 film, namely Eric Killmonger. How could that be? Check out the discussion of the theory below, geeks!

How Does Killmonger Come Back?

As we all know, Eric Killmonger from actor Michael B. Jordan is one of the MCU characters who made his debut in the first Black Panther film. The character, whose real name is N’Jadaka, acts as the main antagonist who tries to overthrow T’Challa’s previous power. Initially he succeeded in achieving this goal and became the temporary king of Wakanda. Killmonger even received the power of the Black Panther after consuming the ‘Heart-Shaped Heart’. But when T’Challa returns, he manages to defeat Killmonger and reclaim his throne.

After going through a pretty fierce battle, T’Challa finally managed to stop Killmonger by stabbing him. At the end of the film Black Panther, towards the end of his life, Killmonger asks T’Challa to take him to see the sunset. T’Challa actually wants to try to treat his wound, but Killmonger says that he would rather die than have to live under someone else’s feet. His death is what may be the key to how he can reappear in the film Black Panther 2. Especially as Shuri’s mentor who will meet him in the Ancestral Plane.

Shuri Meets Killmonger in the Ancestral Plane

In the MCU itself, the Ancestral Plane is a parallel dimension, where a person’s soul can exist even if he dies. The Black Panther film itself has explored the Ancestral Plane further through the process of the birth of a Black Panther. When T’Challa consumes the Heart-Shaped Heart, he arrives at the Ancestral Plane to meet and even talk to T’Chakka’s father. Killmonger also experienced a similar incident after consuming Heart-Shaped Heart, where he met his father N’Jobu. This meeting between son and father provides a new perspective for a Black Panther.

In Shuri’s case, he may also finally make up his mind to become the new Black Panther towards the end of Black Panther 2. After consuming Heart-Shaped Heart, he may hope to meet T’Challa for guidance. However, it is possible that what Shuri met in the Ancestral Plane was Killmonger. This can happen because Killmonger is also a descendant of the Wakanda royal family and he is also listed as a Black Panther before Shuri.

At this point Killmonger’s more peaceful and wiser soul might offer Shuri some guidance on how to become the next Black Panther. Long story short, Shuri finally listens to Killmonger who indirectly acts as his mentor in the Ancestral Plane. This could explain why Shuri’s Black Panther costume has gold accents, much like Killmonger’s Black Panther costume.

That’s a discussion of the theory of how Killmonger becomes a mentor for Shuri who will become the new Black Panther. Actually, not a few fans are also expecting the return of Killmonger in the MCU. In this way Killmonger’s return will be very meaningful, without having to change the story that already happened in the first Black Panther film. What do you think, geeks? The truth will only be revealed when Black Panther: Wakanda Forever premieres on November 11.

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