Keanu Reeves Comments On The Matrix Resurrections Film That Aired This December

The 4th film in the “The Matrix” franchise, “The Matrix Resurrections” is drawing near to its release date. Arguably, this installment of the film is an unexpected project.

For fans of the “The Matrix” franchise, of course they are familiar with the ending of the previous trilogy when the two main characters Neo and Trinity died. In an interview with Fandom, franchise lead actor Keanu Reeves expressed his willingness to bring Neo back if director Lana Wachowski so wanted.


“That would be a question from Lana Wachowski. I mean, if she wanted to make another story and wanted to include me, I would be honored and grateful,” he said. “And I want to see what happens to Trinity and Neo, and the world.”

Keanu Reeves has a lot of faith in the director as well as a genuine interest in the future of the characters and the franchise as a whole. His co-star Carrie-Anne Moss, who reprises the role of Trinity in “The Matrix Resurrections”, echoed Reeves’ sentiments over the other follow-ups by saying, “Sure, that would be awesome.”

Not only the two main characters, newcomer Priyanka Chopra also welcomed the plan. The actress revealed what she would like to see in future adventures, as well as confirmed the character she will play in “The Matrix Resurrections”.


“I want to see where Sati’s character will go and (find out) if she can find her bigger purpose?” he explained. “Which is peace for all mankind, which he has done and fought for: man and machine.

However, there is one cast who is a little more careful with “The Matrix 5”, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. He joins the sci-fi action series as a mysterious younger version of Morpheus. “Speaking of where it goes next, I think it’s going to depend a lot on how it’s received by the world, and how it’s digested,” he said.