Karl Urban Discusses The Pressure Of Getting His Star Trek Role Right – Mugendaily

Karl Urban Discusses The Pressure Of Getting His Star Trek Role Right – Mugendaily

Star Trek actor Karl Urban reflects on the pressure he felt to get his role as Leonard McCoy just right in the J.J. Abrams rebooted film series. Star Trek actor Karl Urban reveals how he felt pressure to get his portrayal of Leonard McCoy just right in the rebooted films. Urban first played the character in 2009s Star Trek, which was followed by Star Trek Into Darkness in 2013, and Star Trek Beyond in 2016. Before the first film, Urban was known for his role in the Lord of the Rings as Éomer, the Marshal of Rohan. Since his stint as Leonard McCoy, Urban has also been in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Skurge in Thor: Ragnarok, and on the critically acclaimed series The Boys as Billy Butcher. Karl Urban is an actor who is no stranger to sci-fi fans.

The role of Leonard McCoy was originated by DeForest Kelley on Star Trek: The Original Series in 1966. McCoy was nicknamed Bones as he was the chief medical officer on the USS Enterprise. He worked with many familiar faces including Captain James T. Kirk and Spock. The character has also appeared in six of the many films, and is one of its most recognizable faces from Stark Trek. Kelley was Leonard McCoy for 25 years, so Urban would have big shoes to fill when he took on the roles almost twenty years later.

Urbans interview brings up a difficulty that many actors face when playing a different version of an already existing character film. The actor walks a fine line between making their character something new, while also honoring what came before. The rebooted Star Trek movies being set in the alternate Kelvin Timeline (as opposed to the Prime Universe) gave the creative team some leeway with regard to character portrayals, as their continuity had a fresh start. However, it was still important for the younger cast to embody the spirit of their legendary predecessors so they didnt alienate longtime fans. As a Star Trek enthusiast himself, its easy to understand why Urban felt the pressure when he signed on.

Strange New Worlds Should Make A Controversial JJ Abrams Choice Canon. J.J. Abrams changed Star Trek when he made Kirk a Beastie Boys fan. Strange New Worlds should also show Celia Rose Goodings Uhuras love of Beyoncé. One of J.J. Abrams controversial Star Trek decisions – his embrace of pop music – should become canon in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. Coming off of its acclaimed season 1, Strange New Worlds will return for season 2, which has already wrapped production, in 2023. Strange New Worlds season 2 will follow up on the cliffhanger of Lt. Commander Una Chin-Riley (Rebecca Romijn) getting arrested by Starfleet and it will also introduce the younger Lt. James T. Kirk (Paul Wesley), who is expected to come aboard Captain Christopher Pikes (Anson Mount) Starship Enterprise.

Strange New Worlds owes much of its style and tenor to how J.J. Abrams rebooted Star Trek in 2009. Abrams hit movie made Star Trek young and cool, and the director gave the franchise a much-needed facelift in terms of cinematic visual effects. But Abrams also took some big swings with Star Trek, and one of them is how he incorporated pop music into the film. The young Jim Kirk (Jimmy Bennett) stealing his stepfathers convertible and blasting the Beastie Boys Sabotage was controversial with longtime Star Trek fans who took umbrage with a late 20th-century chart-topper being played in the 23rd century. Yet hearing Sabotage in Star Trek was also unforgettable, and director Justin Lin doubled down on the Beastie Boys by reincorporating Sabotage into Star Trek Beyond. In fact, Sabotage became a crucial component of Star Trek Beyonds climax, and Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) even broke the fourth wall by telling the audience Its a good choice! when his favorite song from childhood started playing.

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