Jared Leto Self Described Cult Retreat That Is Coming Back This Summer

Jared Leto is well-documented to be rather alternative in his lifestyle choices but sometimes that over-the-top persona draws criticism. The Thirty Seconds to Mars frontman has always had a cult following but some people believe he has attempted to harness that following and form an actual cult along with his brother, Shannon Leto.

As Leto continues to find more and more success in Hollywood, many are raising concerns about his more questionable behavior — including allegations about the cult.

Do Jared Leto and Thirty Seconds To Mars have a cult?

In 2019, Leto, 50, and his band invited their fans, who call themselves ‘the Echelon,’ to a retreat in Croatia.

The retreat, which consisted of Leto dressed in white robes, had been a 3-day music festival for hundreds of his fans to enjoy live music, yoga, and movie screenings.

However, during the retreat, the band had tweeted photos of Leto, leading hundreds of people, while all of them were wearing white, captioning the picture.

The band has been using that tagline for years, including on social media, in merch, and in music videos. In 2013, Leto told The New York Times that it had started off as “a joke, a response to journalists saying, ‘You have such a cult following.'”

Leto hosts expensive retreats for his cult-like following.

The 2022 iteration of Camp Mars has multiple different kinds of all-inclusive packages which range from $1699 to $7199.

Leto and his band have been hosting these kinds of ‘summer camps’ since 2015, which were originally called ‘Camp Mars.’

According to Billboard, the website, which is no longer running, stated, “This is a rustic nature experience expect to share your living space and live in a wonderfully communal way. The facilities are clean and safe but they are not four-star hotel suites with dinner mints on your pillows make sure you understand exactly what you are getting.”

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Leto spoke about the Camp Mars weekend, saying, “We have always looked to do things for our audience that are fun and unique. What better way to celebrate the summer than in beautiful Southern California with the Mars family in full.”

Jared Leto Update About Movie

Following mixed reviews of Tron: Legacy, it took a long time for Disney to decide what to do about a third movie, Tron a sequel, and around five years ago, Jared Leto was said to be ready to star in a third film in the franchise.

Since then, there has been very little information about the threequel, but now while promoting his leading role as the Marvel vampire Morbius, Leto has been talking a little about the project. Although he could not go into much detail about the specifics of the film, he did seem to suggest that it was moving ahead now.

Tron was a movie that had the distinction of being one of the first movies to heavily feature CGI graphics, and although by today’s standards, the result doesn’t look that great, at the time, it was mind-blowing. While not a blockbuster, Tron did well at the box office and was positively reviewed, and is now seen as a cult movie. Almost three decades later, the film’s stars Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner returned in Tron: Legacy. This time around, the new film was similarly successful at the box office, but didn’t fare quite as well with the critics, who had issues with the characters and storyline.

Due to the lackluster critical response to Tron: Legacy, the potential second sequel was stalled for quite a while as Disney reportedly could decide how to deal with the franchise’s future. According to Leto, Tron 3 is finally pushing ahead, and the actor seems to be very much on board the project.

Jared Leto Really Went for It at the Morbius Premiere

In all honesty, the suit itself here is beautiful — although that fly is absurd; it makes it look like both the legs fall off when you unzip to pee — and the mesh shirt is clearly a subconscious plee to Madonna to consider him for the starring role in the alleged biopic she’s making, a choice I would be willing to at least entertain. But the vest makes him look like he’s wearing one of those lower back wraps often sported by folks who spend a lot of time on their feet. Call me when we’ve really got a Chiropractic X Gucci collab happening and the brand branches out into neck braces.

Jared Leto Attends Morbius Movie Premiere

Perpetuating his neverending penchant for an all-Gucci ensemble, Jared Leto attended his recent Morbius movie premiere in Berlin in a head-to-toe look from the label.

Arguably, one of the brand’s most recognisable ambassadors under the creative direction of Alessandro Michele, Leto’s latest getup from his beloved brand sees him don a double-breasted grey check jacket and matching trousers, transparent top, waistcoat and a pair of the Italian house’s sunglasses.

Thoughts? While the suit has yet to become available for purchase online, follow the link below to shop the latest from Gucci now.

Jared Leto teases New 30 Seconds to Mars music is coming

Jared Leto has teased 30 Seconds to Mars will release new music “really momentarily”. The alternative rock duo – completed by Jared’s drumming brother Shannon Leto – haven’t released an album since 2018’s ‘America’, and their next project will be their first since the departure of guitarist Tomo Milicevic.

Jared, 50, has been busy with his acting career – with his most recent credits including ‘House of Gucci’, ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’ and ‘The Little Things’ – however when the world shut down due to COVID-19, he and his older sibling, 52, were both in one place for a prolonged period for the first time in years, and he was inspired to write “about 200 songs”.

The ‘WeCrashed’ star told Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1: “As challenging as that time was for so many people around the world and devastating for so many, there was also a flip side to it.

“And for both my brother and I, I think it was like the universe doing for us what we can’t do for ourselves sort of thing, where really, it was the first time we were in one place for that long since we were little kids.

“And even as little kids, we moved around as, you know. We had the kind of vagabond hippie life. And it was a blessing.

“And I sat and I started writing. It took me a month or two to get into the swing of things. But I wrote about 200 songs.

“And we have maybe two albums, maybe three, worth of material. And we’re going to start putting it out momentarily. I mean, really momentarily. So really excited.”

Before the release of ‘America’ – which featured the likes of Halsey and A$AP Rocky – the ‘Walk on Water’ hitmaker admitted it would likely be a long time before they put out another record.

He said at the time: “We’re really slow at putting albums out.

“I don’t mean we’re never putting music out again but this may be the last album at least for a while, until I feel I need a collection of songs to say something.”

Tron Was Never One of Disney’s Biggest Franchises but Certainly Has its Fans

Disney movies that are not often talked about, Tron was never one of the big success stories of Disney’s history. Still, there are clearly plenty of people who enjoyed both the 1982 movie and its belated sequel, with the latter taking over $400 million on its release in 2010. Although the box office takings were healthy enough, making a movie like Tron: Legacy was not cheap to make with a budget of around $170 million, and that could be partly why it took so long to decide what to do with another sequel.

Disney is not going to risk almost $200 million on a movie that might struggle to make back any kind of return if critics continue to beat down the more important points of the film. However, Leto seems to be pretty sure that Tron 3 is now on the right track. Although it is not known whether any of the stars of Tron: Legacy, which along with Bridges and Boxleitner included Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde, will be back for the new sequel, original director Steven Lisberger is thought to be returning in a producer role, while Garth Davis is expected to direct.

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