It’s Also Ended With A New Status Quo For Smallville

Superman & Lois has taken its most recent break on a very strong cliffhanger, but the breaks of season 2 need to be avoided in season 3. In season 2, Superman & Lois introduced Bizarro, with Tyler Hoechlin portraying the character alongside his Man of Steel. While Bizarro himself has turned out to be a much less villainous presence than his comics history would suggest, Superman & Lois season 2 has also given brief but crucial glimpses into the Bizarro world.

In Superman & Lois season 2, episode 9, Clark makes the leap through a portal to the Bizarro world in order to bring back the escaped cult leader Ally Alston (Rya Kihlstedt). The episode, titled “30 Days and 30 Nights” then shows a time jump, with Superman having not returned home for a month. Along with other developments in the episode, “30 Days and 30 Nights” concludes on a major cliffhanger teasing that the Bizarro world, and even Bizarro’s own history with his family, will be fully explored in the next episode.

Viewers will have to wait until April 26 for that cliffhanger to be paid off, with Superman & Lois taking a month-long break until then. While the ending of “30 Days and 30 Nights” and the time span to the next episode undoubtedly elevates the anticipation for it, Superman & Lois has also had a significant problem with such breaks in season 2. With the reasoning for this is certainly easy to understand, Superman & Lois season 3 will need to tell its story with fewer breaks than season 2 has had.


Superman & Lois Is Picking The Perfect Spot To Take A Break

At the end of “30 Days and 30 Nights,” Superman & Lois had completed an entire episode in which the Man of Steel himself is almost totally absent. John Henry Irons is becoming a more public hero in Superman’s vacancy, the show adjusting Steel’s arrival in The Death of Superman. It’s also ended with a new status quo for Smallville with Lana Lang-Cushing (Emmanuelle Chriqui) winning the town’s mayoral race. On top of those developments, Jordan’s powers continue to grow, with the half-Kryptonian adolescent having super-speed and the ability to make huge leaps.

The episode concludes with the Bizarro version of Jonathan (Jordan Elsass) arriving on the Kent farm. Informing Jordan and Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch) that Clark had arrived in the Bizarro world “too late” to prevent something, the episode wraps up. The promo for the return of Superman & Lois also features a look into the Bizarro world, showing the major character’s alternate selves while keeping the specifics of the next episode cryptic. No other episode of Superman & Lois season 2 has concluded on as strong a cliffhanger, and the sizeable gap until the show comes back gives viewers plenty to amp up their anticipation. The apparently dead Bizarro also being seen again via flashbacks also adds to that anticipation. The only downside is that the latest break taken by Superman & Lois season 2 comes after a series of gaps. Note: With Legions Of Devoted Fans All Around The World


Season 2’S Breaks Have Affected The Flow Of Superman & Lois

Breaks in the fall and spring seasons of a cable television series are far from unusual, as well as a break for the winter holidays. As both a means to afford a show enough production and post-production time and to give cast and crew time off, weekly shows taking planned breaks is both expected and necessary. Unfortunately, the latest such break for Superman & Lois season 2 has been the third break the show has taken since it began in January of this year.

As explained by Superman & Lois actress Elizabeth Tulloch, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic is the primary reason for Superman & Lois’ comparatively irregular airing schedule. While perfectly understandable, this has also stalled the momentum of Superman & Lois season 2, with the show having a start-stop flow due to its numerous breaks. With Superman & Lois also having a 15-episode season format, these gaps have been felt much more than they would’ve been with more of a year-long run. The latest break also follows very closely on the last, with Superman & Lois having aired just two episodes after its second hiatus before going on a break until April 26. To be sure, the ongoing pandemic has affected production timelines. In setting up the perfect home stretch for season 2, in which Ally might finally become Parasite, Superman & Lois has its biggest issue to address in season 3 highlighted by its most recent episode halt. Note: While Centering On The Basic Premise Of The Halo Games


Season 3 Needs To Avoid Having So Many Breaks

As long as complications relating to the pandemic continue, film and television productions will have to continue adapting to the circumstances. More than ever, fans of any big- or small-screen franchise are more accommodating and understanding of production and release delays. With that being said, while Superman & Lois’ structure has weathered the pandemic better than most, the frequent gaps from one collection of episodes to the next have become a problem for the series.

Breaks in and of themselves aren’t a bad thing. As seen in the latest one of Superman & Lois’, strategically placing one at just the right time in the show’s story, such as when Jordan just begins learning to fly, can even greatly boost anticipation for its finale. Nonetheless, Superman & Lois’ has had a hard time making it to setting up its best tease. To the greatest extent possible given real-world conditions, Superman & Lois needs to minimize its season gaps. Doing so won’t be an exact science, and depending on how conditions improve, it may be an incremental process as the show continues. If Superman & Lois is to set up anything similar in season 3, having fewer stops in the season needs to be something it implements as much as as it can. Note: This Culminates In An Epic Action Sequence In Which The Heroes

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