Interesting Facts of Senior Year Film, Flashback of Cheerleader’s Life

Netflix will release a comedy film titled Senior Year on May 13, 2022. This film stars Rebel Wilson who wakes up in his life 20 years later after a coma. She, who was a cheerleader, suddenly had an accident when she was a cheerleader. Waking up decades later, Stephanie (Rebel Wilson) wants to fulfill her dream of becoming a prom queen in her high school days. But because he missed a lot of things, Stephanie had to adjust to today’s high school kids. In an interview, Rebel Wilson described Senior Year as a film that combines ‘Never Been Kissed’ and ‘Bring It On’.

In this film, Stephanie also feels annoyed that Gen Z is easier to get famous and get attention than in the past. Apart from Rebel Wilson, Senior Year also stars Justin Hartley, Zoë Chao, Chris Parnell, Michael Cimino and Alicia Silverstone.

In 1999, after a failed birthday party at the local “cool” spot Rock N Bowl with her friends Seth and Martha, 14-year-old Australian immigrant Stephanie Conway decides she wants to be one of “the populars”. She spends the next few years giving herself a makeover, becoming cheer squad captain, dating popular boy Blaine, and becoming one of the most popular girls by senior year.

In 2002, Stephanie plans to win the title of prom queen in hopes of becoming like Deanna Russo, an alumna of her high school who seems to have the “perfect life”. She lives with her widowed father and is still friends with Martha and Seth, who secretly has a crush on her. Stephanie has regular disagreements over prom preparations with Blaine’s ex-girlfriend Tiffany, who feels threatened by the prospect of Stephanie winning the prom queen title. At a cheer performance, Tiffany convinces fellow cheerleaders to sabotage Stephanie’s landing, severely injuring her and putting her into a coma.

20 years later in 2022, Stephanie wakes from her coma. Her father and Martha, now principal and cheerleading coach at Harding High, take her home. On the way, driving past Deanna Russo’s old house, Stephanie sees that the now-married Tiffany and Blaine reside there. With reluctant support from her father and Martha, Stephanie goes back to high school, where she learns that Seth is now the librarian and the prom queen contest has been abolished. Additionally, Tiffany and Blaine’s daughter Bri is the most popular girl at school and has a huge social media following. The cheerleaders are no longer the popular kids and are not allowed to dance or perform suggestive routines.

Stephanie works to regain her former popularity through social media, finally succeeding after a risqué cheer routine she choreographs without Martha’s permission goes viral. The next day, she is confronted by Martha, who tells her that she and Seth felt abandoned when Stephanie became popular back in high school. Stephanie decides to attend a showing of Deep Impact with Seth, and they get closer after goading Tiffany into being thrown out of the showing. Afterwards, they go to the Rock N Bowl and Stephanie confesses that she wants to win prom queen so badly because of being bullied and to make her mother proud.

Tiffany uses Bri’s influence at school to get the prom king and queen contest reinstated, and invites everyone at school except Stephanie to a prom afterparty at their house. Stephanie decides to host her own afterparty at Martha’s family lake house without her knowledge. Seth agrees to go to prom with Stephanie, but is hurt when he sees Blaine attempt to kiss her. Bri’s boyfriend Lance becomes prom king, and although Tiffany rigs the vote so Bri will win, Bri drops out so that Stephanie is the prom queen.

As Stephanie and Lance share the prom king and queen dance, the school rallies around her. Bri tells everyone to attend Stephanie’s afterparty, which is successful until Tiffany gets the police to shut it down. Martha angrily confronts Stephanie for using her lake house without asking. On the way home from the party, Stephanie realizes her rideshare driver is Deanna Russo, who explains that being prom queen did not give her a perfect life and she is now struggling to make ends meet.

Bri arrives home, furious that Tiffany called the police on Stephanie’s party, and points out that Tiffany didn’t even ask if she was okay or if she had been arrested. Bri tells her mother that she knows she is in an unhappy marriage ruined by her desire to be popular, and forces her to apologize to Stephanie. Stephanie accepts Tiff’s apology and encourages her to focus more on her daughter instead of keeping up appearances.

Stephanie contemplates not attending graduation, but her father convinces her to attend. Streaming an apology to her followers and friends, she promises to be her true self from now on. At graduation, her friends secretly organize the cheer routine from Stephanie’s senior year. She makes up with Martha, finally kisses Seth, and welcomes Tiffany to join them on stage.