Information About Thanos Family In Eternals

During the screening of the film Eternals, the popular enemy character, Thanos, was widely discussed by Marvel fans. The reason, Thanos is also a descendant of the group.

Then, the appearance of his younger brother, Eros, made him more and more mentioned on various social media sites. Netizens compared Thanos’ difference to Eros which was so significant. Well, for those of you who are curious about the figure of Thanos, Eros, and his parents, below is information about them.

1. The Mad Titan, Thanos

Thanos became the most recognizable villain, even to non-Marvel fans. He is also one of the strongest enemies of the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men, Fantastic Four, and many more.

His first appearance in the comics was The Invicible Iron Man #55, which was published in February 1973. Thanos’ popularity grew after his act of eliminating part of the universe through the film Avengers: Infinity War, which was released three years ago.

Thanos was born on Saturn, Titan, to a family of Eternals. He has the deviants gene, so he looks different from his father, mother, and sister. His skin tends to be purple in color, similar to the race of cousins. From an early age, he was sure he would destroy life in the universe. Therefore, his mother planned to kill Thanos, but was thwarted by his father. During his school days, he was only friends with his younger brother and pets.

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Once a teenager, then attracted by death to worship the Lady of Death. His love for the Lady of Death prompted Thanos to collect the six infinity stones. The point is that he becomes stronger in destroying the universe according to his wishes since childhood.

The nickname for Thanos is The Mad Titan. He has superhuman-like abilities, a good defense system, moves fast, and is agile. He is also an expert in fighting without weapons, doing plasma energy projection, super psychology, and a genius in determining tactics.

2. The Father, A’lars

A’lars is the father of Thanos and the leader of the Titan society. He is the second son of Kronos and Daina who is the first generation of Eternals. The time of his birth occurred thousands of years ago in the city of Titanos.

Kronos worked for the victorious civil war in the laboratory. He seeks to discover the secret of the self-regenerating cosmic life force. Then, he is killed and grants immortality to all the Eternals who are nearby.

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A’lars became a scientist like his father and left the group after Zuras was chosen to replace Kronos who was then a leader. This was done to avoid civil war, so he went to Saturn and settled there.

Thanos’ father has superhuman strength with long-lasting stamina. He is also able to make projections of cosmic energy, manipulate molecules, and telepathy. His first appearance was in the comic Iron Man #55 in 1973.

3. The Mother, Sui San

Sui San was also the first generation of Eternals created by the Celestials around 400,000 years ago. His first appearance in the comics was in Captain Marvel #29 which was released November 1973. She is Thanos’ mother and his encounter with A’lars takes place on Titan. The pair then work together to create a new, immortal being using the magic of science. The name for this result is the Titans.

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Sui San has superhuman-like abilities, speed, and reflexes. He also has a physical constitution and has the same powers as his extinct species. Unfortunately, Sui San was killed by his own son, Thanos. He dissected the mother to find out the reason for her different appearance from all the members. Then, the woman was revived.

However, he was put in prison for having created Thanos, a Titan creature that was considered dangerous. The same thing happened to A’lars who was also punished, but when he met Sui San there, he said he didn’t know him.

4. Handsome-looking sister, Eros

Eros had gone viral and was discussed on various social media sites after his appearance in the credit scene for the film Eternals some time ago. In the comics, he first appeared in The Invincible Iron Man #55 which was released in February 1973. He is the youngest son of A’lars and Sui San, which means the younger brother of Thanos. He is the opposite of his brother.

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He is someone who likes to have fun, is cheerful, and has an adventurous spirit. However, Eros gets serious when Thanos starts destroying Titan. Several years later, Eros, also known as Starfox, is terrorized by Thanos. The two fight each other and Captain Marvel and the Avengers help Eros to defeat Thanos. Later, he was recruited to become a member of the hero group.

Eros possesses superhero strength, agility, endurance, and immortality. He can also fly and control psychically over other people’s emotions. That’s a little information about the Thanos family.

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