Incantation Mantra movie As the word is rumored! Number One this year from Taiwan Mother’s power against the power of Hian

If last year..we were dazzled by the most frightening Thai horror like “Song Song”, this year we come face to face with the mysteries and hauntings from Taiwan. This is the “Incantation Mantra” movie. The horror hit the box office earlier this year. This is a horror film based on video footage that is nothing new. But there’s a trick in this story and storytelling that shocks audiences well in a harrowing hour!

Incantation Mantra tells the story of Li Ru Nan, a young mother who faces the loss of her own daughter. From the curse that she did not even know So she began to record the events that took place. It is evidence and information that happened to her and her children. to share with those who are interested in studying Although she still does not know the future as well. Will your daughter and you be safe?

First of all…with best wishes to all readers and those who want to see this movie. If you have a fear (Phobia) of all kinds. I would like to suggest that you should not watch this movie. Because this is a combination of all kinds of fears, including fear of blood, fear of teeth, fear of holes, fear of worms, including fear of ghosts and many more. Put in full force in this movie without using any camera angles.

You’ll be haunted every time you think of the phrase, “Do you believe in blessings? 6 years ago I made a mistake with a horrible taboo. Help me, let’s recite together, or just memorize…” Of course, found footage style movies aren’t anything new to the film industry anymore. Because audiences are familiar with from The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity, or even Thai movies last year were made in this manner.

But for Incantation Mantra, although it doesn’t have a new style. but instead uses a very intense and haunting narrative method throughout the story. The film only has a not very large plot, but gradually uses footage of events to tell a story that gradually leads the audience to explore each point of view. both from the past and the present Among the many scary scenes that are inserted without needing any rhythmic connection, but the realism that comes out, the show has quite interesting segments.

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Although the form of faith and worship that is put in this movie Maybe it’s a personal belief. and is a belief in different cultures of each country But believe that Thai people should be able to feel the horror and horror of this movie that has been inserted into the full force They can also explain different aspects to the audience as much as possible. Even if it leaves a lot of clues and clues that may not be fully accessible and understandable.

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“Kevin Ko” is considered a new generation of Taiwanese filmmakers. Considered successful with this movie as well. Although he borrows from the techniques of traditional horror movies, he has the tricks and techniques of storytelling with a mastery and emotional rhythm that audiences want to feel at their core. And make the overall picture of this movie come out quite emotional. and almost all the way to the end

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Incantation Mantra’s production was well done. Although the camera angles and footage have a mix of real and bizarre. But it has become a flaw that can be overlooked. Because of the storytelling that can attract attention as well. As for the show The movie didn’t use many famous actors, but “Cai Genye” ​​was considered to carry the whole movie quite well. It’s her battle But she did it quite well.

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Let’s just say that overall, Incantation Mantra is another Taiwanese ghost film that has been at the podium as this year’s masterpiece by default. Although the elements may not be fresh. And it has the same old aura typical of Taiwanese ghost movies that often play with beliefs and connections. But this movie has a story that is strong enough to support the audience. It also has a good vision from the director. who knows the pace and what the audience expects And that’s exactly the answer to the synopsis of an ambitious and memorable movie as well…

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