IFC Midnight Horror Film

IFC Midnight is part of IFC Films, an American film production and distribution company. However, IFC Midnight is devoted to films related to aliens, zombies, vampires, thrillers, to the paranormal.

IFC Midnights distributes a lot of independent films and documentaries, so some of its releases are low-budget films from talented budding directors.

For those of you who want to watch the horror film by IFC Midnight, check out the following movie recommendations. Suitable for filmmakers who like to find new perspectives and unique visuals and narratives.

1. Watchers (2022)

Being alone in a foreign country, with a husband who is busy all day, and rumors of a serial killer who haven’t been caught in the neighborhood, is enough to give anyone intense stress.

Julia (Maika Monroe) has just moved to her husband’s hometown of Bucharest. Intrigued by the mysterious figure that is increasingly stalking her, Julia slowly uncovers who the serial killer is who always cuts off the heads of his victims.

But instead of being supported, Julia is accused of being paranoid by her husband and neighbors, until one day Julia’s only friend in Bucharest named Irina (Madalina Anea) mysteriously disappears.

2. Barbarians (2022)

Tells about the social circle of the upper class, a couple who just bought their dream house, Adam (Iwan Rheon) and Eva (Catalina Sandino Moreno). Adam, who is on his birthday, invites his friends Lucas (Tom Cullen) and Chloe (Inès Spiridonov) to come for dinner at his new home.

As time went on, their dinner conversation turned into a secret reveal, and their manners turned into madness. The expected festive birthday dinner turns into a tragic nightmare.

3. The Innocents (2022)

A film that invites admiration. The actors in this film are dominated by children, but their acting performance is phenomenal and able to carry out roles with complex narratives.

Tells the story of four children who become friends during summer vacation, and without adult supervision, they discover the hidden power that lies within each of them.

While exploring and experimenting with their new abilities in the woods and playgrounds around their home, these innocent kids’ play turns into a life-threatening catastrophe.

4. See For Me (2021)

Have you seen Don’t Breathe? A movie about a robber trying to rob a blind Navy SEAL veteran’s house? If ever, this film is quite similar to Don’t Breathe, with a slightly different narrative.

Tells the story of a young blind woman named Sophie (Skyler Davenport), where a group of robbers break into the luxurious and secluded house that Sophie lives in. Sophie then relies on Kelly (Jessica Parker Kennedy), an army veteran who lives a nomadic life, to help Sophie fight the robbers.

5. The Feast (2021)

A film that makes the audience wonder, we cannot predict what will happen at each turn of the scene. The more you watch it, the more confusing it becomes.

Set in Wales, a beautiful secluded place. A wealthy family throws a dinner party at their home in the mountains of Wales hosting local businessmen and farmers hoping to strike a business deal.

But unfortunately, the guests did not know that the dinner dish would be their last dinner dish.

6. Relic (2020)

A perfect allegory that describes the struggles with family members with dementia. Really smart filmmaking, with a crazy and totally unexpected narrative.

Tells the story of Edna (Robyn Nevin), an elderly grandmother and missing widow, and her daughter, Kay (Emily Mortimer) and her grandson, Sam (Bella Heathcote) who must travel to a remote family home to find Edna.

Miraculously, Edna was found and her family was very grateful. However, some time after being found, the gratitude slowly turns to horror, they begin to feel an evil entity haunting the house and possessing Edna and taking over her body.

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