Hulu finally Releases The First Teaser Trailer for Candy Series

Hulu has released the first teaser trailer for Candy, a limited series that will center around the true story of Candy Montgomery’s heinous murder case of Betty Gore in 1980. The series is set to be a five-night show that will begin streaming on May 9, through to the final episode on May 13.

The trailer begins by showing how Candy’s life seems perfect. But then, the scene suddenly changes, the music changes, and he stands in the courtroom as a defendant in a murder trial. He was asked if he liked his victim, his friend Betty Gore, to whom he had no direct answer. It makes sense that only cryptic answers are shown in the trailer, as it relates to one of the core questions in this true story. -Criminal Case for Life: Why did Candy kill her friend in such a heartless and brutal way?


This limited series stars Jessica Biel as Candy Montgomery, Melanie Lynskey, who plays Betty Gore and Timothy Simons as Pat Montgomery and Pablo Schreiber who plays Alan Gore.

Candy will be based on the true story of the notorious killer and his victim Betty Gore. Set in 1980 in Texas, Candy Montgomery seems to have it all. She has a loving husband with a fine job, a daughter and a son, and a beautiful house in the new suburbs. But the question is why did he kill his friend from the church with an axe?

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For information, this Hulu-owned series will have rivals from HBO Max who also gave the green light for a series based on the same story earlier this year. Their project will star Elizabeth Olsen, with the title Love and Death. The series will also tell the story of Candy Montgomery. Thus Biel and Olsen will now compete for the audience’s attention as they both play the harrowing tale of a Texas housewife who suddenly loses her sanity after an event.

Free Guy and Killing Eve Star Jodie Comer To Star In Big Swiss Drama Series

Free Guy and Killing Eve star Jodie Comer is rumored to be starring in the Adam McKay-produced drama series Big Swiss, which is currently in development on HBO.

Comer will play a character named Flavia in the series, also known as “Big Switzerland.” The series will follow the story of Flavia in New York, who anonymously undergoes sex therapy sessions. He then becomes obsessed with one of the patients. This then leads to the relationship between them.

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Jodie Comer herself is best known for playing Oksana Astankova/Villanelle in the Killing Eve series. He recently appeared in the films The Last Duel in 2021 (directed by Ridley Scott) and Free Guy (directed by Shawn Levy). Comer will also serve as executive producer for the series.

While Adam McKay previously presented Don’t Look Up in 2021, Vice in 2018, and The Big Short in 2015. McKay will produce this series through his production company Hyperobject Industries. The series will be based on the upcoming book written by Jen Beagin. Beagin will also be an executive producer for the series to be produced by A24.

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McKay’s company Hyperobject Industries is behind Netflix’s latest film, Don’t Look Up, as well as HBO’s basketball drama series, Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty. The company is also behind the Game Theory with Bomani Jones series as well as a limited series about Jeffrey Epstein and the TV adaptation of Parasite by directors Bong Joon Ho and Adam McKay, who are also executive producers at Succession. At this time, no official release date has been announced regarding Big Swiss streaming on HBO.


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