How to Land an Interview With a Celebrity

Are you a freelance journalist looking for your big break? Are you just dying to interview somebody cool enough, somebody known enough that will help boost your career status? Who better than a celebrity, right? But, how do you go about getting an interview with an A-list celebrity? Well, it takes some learning.

1. First you want to establish a good relationship with an editor who might be interested in your story. Obviously, this will take a little more finesse than your basic writing credentials and the mere fact that you want to interview John Mayer. You have to have a unique angle on your pitch. That means, knowing your subject well and pleasing your editor as much as possible. Work with this established editor as closely as possible and soon enough they could be setting up the interview for you. Build a pitch that’s hard to resist.

2. Research who your celebrity’s publicist is and contact that person. It’s really not hard to find one of them. All you have to do in most cases is go to the celebrity’s official website and look under the contact section. The big barrier is actually getting through to the publicist and getting a response. This is why it’s extremely important to work with a professional editor. This greatly affects the chances that your celebrity’s publicist responds and gladly accepts an interview. To heighten your chances you can always state something like “My editor wants to feature this as the cover story.” That might catch their attention. Of course you should never say this if you aren’t working with any editors at all, they will know your lying.

3. If you don’t get an initial response, ask your editor if they will tag-team the publicist with you. Persistence is key in this. The chances are that the publicist will contact your editor and not you directly. They feel a published editor will have more pristine, no matter how nice your voice mails were.

4. Lastly, you want to be totally prepared when the interview is a go. In most cases, celebrity interviews will take place over the phone so you must prepare in order to record it. Most times publicists will call you at a predetermined time and connect you directly to the celebrity. Sometimes however, they might ask you to call a certain number at a certain time. Don’t assume this will be your celebrity’s cell, most likely another secretary of sorts will pick up the phone so hold your horses. Simply identify yourself and why you are calling, make sure your recording device is on, and have at it.